Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines day update

Green juice i will be drinking for week four
of the challenge
 and my valentines day special
i hope you guys enjoy this post

Here is the link to my cobbler VIDEO because youtube will not let me attach it the regular way :(

Hope you all have alot of fun today
With alot of love

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vegans can have Awesome sex!!!

yes yes this was my topic for my human sexuality class. i literally wrote on the paper " how a plant base diet and exercise can make your sex rock!" my teacher looked at my paper and said it this is even research able and like many things it is. Actually I'm currently reading a book that will have its own blog entry that says that the emotion of the food you eat can actually have a great deal of affect on the emotion you feel. Sometimes you might even feel this effect during intercourse. Especially if your a bit kinky and like to eat as you fore play this will have a great affect on you.

Also when your body feels better and looks better sex tends to be better. But lets forget the appearance part of it for a bit through eating plant base it is a cleansing of your body your allowing your body to detox which causes your body to gain better hormone feeling and honestly your senses get better especially some of your sexual senses. (remember that all of the food placed into your body  travels and is used everywhere in your body and the more things you eat that are not good for you the more  bacteria and infections you can make your body vulnerable to. so detoxing makes you feel good! But working out makes your body flexible and toned and also lets off endorphins that make you feel a natural high and just feel absolutely awesome. and with flexibility comes a natural curiosity to WHAT CAN YOUR BODY DO IN BED. Yes many men wish and hope that their women can bend back and forth and up again. But many of of women wish we could to. Have you even had a sex routine well when you exercise and your body feels better you tend to be a bit more adventurous and realize that the sex you were having before was well not horrible but routine.

I Hope this blog post is not going to make people cringe because we are all adults and lets be serious sex is a natural part of life that everyone takes part in and the more informed we are about it and not just the negative but also the positive , the more we can protect ourselves and pleasure ourselves safely.

I will be posting bits and pieces of my paper on here from time to time :
- to inform you
- to show you my progress
- and to give all your pervies a tickle  lol (just kidding)

Our text book for class is called THE GUIDE TO GETTING IT ON!
its on amazon and its not expensive at all for something that is considered a text book.

Happy sexing

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A discovery

so i Discovered OMG this is awesome its like a food and workout diary online. Which of course for this little gal that is awesome since im on the computer for most of the day anyway. Im currently trying to figure out if i can cop and past it onto here to show you all what i eat during my day and what i do in my workouts.

Please check out the blog's new look and tell me what you think.

if you know how to put a banner at the top please share i have a really cute vintage kitchen banner idea i want to try to use.

with love