Sunday, January 30, 2011

an update and a shopping binge

Hello everyone i feel like i have not been on in quite some time. However this is not true i have just been doing videos instead on YouTube.

if you want to see how my 90 day challenge is going and how I'm feeling here is a link  to my video:

 There are other updates and things on my channel that you can check out.

 so to show you what i have been having for dinner here is a bunch of pictures i have gathered up just to show you all what i make in my little dorm and what i have them make in our cafeteria.

This is a  tofu scramble that is seriously delicious  so yummy:)
tofu stirfry i took some rice and some of my frozen carrots and peas and mixed it with some of my tofu scramble and got some soy sauce and made this. This was truly delicious i must say my brother who is over today had some of this and loved it (yes there are some left overs)
speaking of my brother here he is. he had been sitting in that chair playing the xbox all day and night. Our poor youth will never know the greatness of games like bingo, mancala, poker and apples to apples its sad i know.

a roasted veggies in whole wheat pannini with some baby spinach with Italian dressing and some tea.

another stir fry  with snap peas this was so good i love the crunch of the snap peas :)
my cafe has a bunch of bananas, oranges, and apples so every now and then i bring my lunch box and take some up to the room its very awesome :)
i bought a very big bottle  to put in my gym bag for watter and sometimes for my green smoothies. 50 % of the earnings they make from the bottles goes to cancer  research.
i also bought three headphones from skull candy  one for me, my brother, and my boyfriend.  i love them they are AMAZING i recommend !
This is another thing i bought which i have to say might be my second favorite thing i bought besides the headphones. its a Starbucks cup. However at the bottom it has a mixer. i got this for my green smoothies. When i pour them in and keep them in the fridge  some times they separate and look icky so i can lift up the mixer part of the cup and mix everything and my green smoothie is fresh and yummy again. The real use for this cup is to mix coffee.

So some other things that have gone on this week are a storm and some funny things below are some videos from my channel on what has gone on  in my dorm and in my life (hope you enjoy )
Hope you enjoyed my brief update there will be much more to come:)

with love

Thursday, January 27, 2011

week 3 of 90 day challenge

this  is from Monday to Thursday only because  i felt it would be easier to do it this way this week.
Breakfast: Green juice from this video
Lunch: a salad with a veggie burrito honestly i was really hungry  i just felt like stuffing my face lol but the juice did hold me off for quite a bit.

Dinner: plain lo mien

So today was awesome i ran 2.68 mi on the elliptical this time and i walked 1.30 mi then i went back to my room and did abs and stretched everything. I had a busy day filled with classes and homework and working out but it was extremely awesome.

breakfast ginger apple juice (green juice)

lunch : veggie sushi (it was awesome)

dinner: a roasted veggie panini (was not as good as advertised on the menu at the cafeteria)

so i had to share with you guys that I'm currently doing a small check list where i highlight the things that i think are really really important to do that day and the things that aren't i leave un highlighted. This so far has been working out pretty well.
i also made dinner for the rest of the week for me and the hubby. tofu stir fry with rice and some frozen veggies it is so yum i wish i could eat it right now. Oh and before i leave the trader Joe's packets of trail mix are addicting its insane how good they are.

Breakfast : ginger apple juice (green juice)

Snack: trail mix


Dinner: Brussels sprouts  with some earth balance and veggie pizza

 today was a busy horrid day too much snow we literally have a blizzard outside.

Breakfast: vegan pancakes and toast

Lunch stir fry

dinner: ramen noodles with some nutritional yeast

today sucked seriously it was  a very snowy day i helped my roommates take their cars out here is a pic of how high the snow is around here.
today i shoveled for three hours so this was my workout since school and my yoga class were canceled. I have also decided that my dream of owning a hummer is now done since if it ever snows i cant even reach the top of a regular car. I'm upset by this but i must be practical lol.

its been a long night and I'm tempted on having some vegan ice cream oooo the things i should not do. Well i hope the weather by you guys is better.

Monday, January 24, 2011

week 2 of 90 day challenge

Sorry its  a day late

Lets just say i dont remember

todaywas a great productive day  felt awesome:)
breakfast :oranges and apples smoothie

lunch: a salad with italian dressing

dinner: whole wheat pene with pesto with some water

today i went to the gym and ran 2.22 miles in 35 minutes this to you might be like wow your super slow but to me it is a miracle that i could even go on the eliptical this long without passing out.  After i worked out i had a protiene juice of just bananas and water for post workout strength this was awesome. i feel a hundred and one percent awesome.

wednseday :
ok so today so far is kind of a bad ehhh day today is my long day with no breaks really so i decided to have a big  breakfast no smoothie or juice today sadly since i figured it was going to be a long long day. I had  a crosant and some fruit.

 since my class got canceled :D  i had a banana and apple smoothie with some water.

dinner: for dinner im having some whole wheat pasta with brocoli and garlic.
today is no workout day because i dont really have time even tho my class was canceled im using today to look up the books i need and just do some work.

Today is my off day and yes im greedy about it its a day for me and only me i still have an early class but after i have nothing else. I schedualed yoga  in the afternoon to relax me and destress me from all the crazy stupidity that is my major. I also have karim day today where i spend time with my boyfriend its usually on fridays but this friday i had planned something else but after this friday it goes back to friday karim days and thursdays shall be our gym days and study days and fridays are our together days :)
so yoga was Painful and AMAZING!!! im glad im doing this class it was awesome and it was like a major massage to my back and it was abit of a challenge to me  but very very worth it.Also i went to the gym with my boyfriend  i ran 2 miles :) after i had carrot juice i feel so alive!!!!

Breakfast: Naked berry juice ( yes i was lazy decided not to blend anything so i bought a juice so that i would have at least one juice)

Lunch:  a salad with some whole wheat bread on it and chickpeas.

Dinner:stir fry  rice and peppers and potatoes here is a piture of it.

breakfast: and apple and some pb
lunch: salad with some corn on the cob well two of them
Dinner rice beans and  some eggplant

Breakfast:  a banana smoothie with 2 bannanas vanilla  and some soy milk :) yum
lunch: crackers with some salsa and an orange.
Dinner: gapingachos and  some garlic roasted green beans

Breakfast: Vegan pancakes
lunch: nothing i was at the mall and whole foods running like a maniac with out a head.
Dinner: veggie dumplings YUM

With love

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I found icecream !!!

Hello folks I'm in a super peppy mood :)  because I'm back in the dorms. In the video below i show you the dorm and you can see just how peppy i am :) .

 so i literally had no food but my dad came back and took me to WF and  bought me vegan pizza's some organic oranges and this.
 i really hope its vegan I've heard its vegan, so i hope it is :) but i took about half a cup of this stuff and sat down to relax and ooo since i had the room to myself i worked out i did 30 min of yoga, 10 min of intense core & some cardio dance its nice to have a living room with so much space my bestie/ suite mate Trish fixed our living room i love how it looks  you saw my awesome room and how she fixed it :).
so i need to do well this semester i got the letter that says i might loose my financial aid if i don't so i need to do well. I also was going to add a class but after reading that letter i thought that since  i have hard enough classes I'm going to leave my schedule as is try to get my little job at school again and just deal and study after all, all the close friends i need are in  my room anyway.

Hope fully you will get to meet them soon.

with love

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 1 of Green Smoothie Challenge! 1/10/11

B-fast: Kiwi Cockkale smoothie
Luch: seitan salad with guac dressing
Dinner: salad with rice and some gapingachos

after breakfast like an hour later i felt super hungry.
i did a 30 min hip hop abs workout, and went for a mile walk with a friend later on in the day before dinner.
B-fast: The elixir to health
Lunch: seitan sandwich with tomatoes and letuce
Dinner: salad with guac dressing and some sun flower seads.

i had a bit of trail mix 30 min after breakfast and was not hungry at all till lunch. I felt energized and  was more awake. i did a short workout just a few moves since i had a busy busy day.
B-fast: Korean Green Juice
Lunch:Vegan grilled cheese with a side salad with italian dressing
i had nothing after breakfast and was full and energetic seriously my mom wants to slap the hyper out of me i danced at the studio for an hour worked on coreography and im currently still trying to add classes into my schedual im packing and making sure everythin is ready for me going back to school. I cant wait :). I think my typing even seems hyper to day but my juice today was awesome my mother things im nuts for  wanting to bring my juicer to school but at this rate looks like green juice is going to be my crack at school in place of starbucks :) god things i know.

B-Fast: Korean Green Juice
Lunch:salad with some tofurky sausage
Dinner: rice and some left over tofurky sausage
no workout busy packing blogging and doing videos before i went to school
B-Fast: blue print cleanse juice step five from starter kit
Lunch:vegan grilled cheese with a banana
Dinner: veggie dumplings with soy sauce and some asian sprouted onions
 today was a bit of a busy day i have to go some launfry and finish my paper a bit also i did not work out it was a rough day.

B-fast: I caved ! no juice or smoothie today mostly because there are no more greens in my house. but also because i didnt sleep last night check out my Beacause i want to SCREAM for the full story but im a bit down from yesterday and i have alot to do. pack, finish paper get ready for the party. YES MY MOTHER WINS I HAVE TO GO TO THE DAMN BIRTHDAY PARTY.  so i kind of took a nap at like 10 and just woke up to add this in here today . so for breakfast im having toast with peanutbutter. GOD's gift to me.

Lunch: probably trail mix with a banan with peanutbutter.

dinner: I HAVE NO CLUE because im going to the family but honestly probably a salad with some beans on it and some yuca.

for sunday ill probably do a recap for next week since sunday im going to be moving back into my dorm yes ABSOLUTE FREEDOM. and hopefully ill have a video to show you all soon of the dorm and the people living in it.

o ps ill have
hope you all have a fun and safe weekend
with love


Friday, January 14, 2011

Because i want to SCREAM!

Before i start my little anger vent here are a few things Ive done in the past 48 hours that are somewhat happy.

 These were for a contest the i really hope i win i think I'm done with looks for now but there is always room for ideas.
I discovered this company through my best friend rosie (rosie21 twitter) her sister just got a job there and there juices are crack. however this crack doesn't kill it makes life.

This one is more like 72 hours ago but i made seitan and btw i love making it by hand.

OK now onto my RANT
So  I usually hate going to school the idea of it gives me butterflies in my stomach and  gives me migraines. However this winter break has  been absolutely horrible. Although the one good thing that came out of it was getting to know my grandmother and tricking her into eating vegan things. but from family  making Christmas unbearable to the realization that I'm getting older and cant wrestle with my brother with out getting called immature. Has just stopped me in my tracks. I'm feeling the stress of school coming and since i did so bad this past semester i feel like i have to make the grade. the funny thing is this semester i worked my Tush off and have nothing good to show for it and it hurts. On top of this i have to say WAY to go college system where parents cant see my grades and i can lie. But on another note . Currently my mother is pacing back and forth  telling me how rude I'm being by typing on my computer and not listening to her tell me about how I'm such a rotten child for the following:

1- because i DON'T eat meat!
    hear was my response
( well i just wanted to make sure i lived longer than mark and you all  to see everyone go and prove the doctors wrong)
yeayea yea i know I'm a smart mouth  Ive been since i was 13 and realized i was smarter than my family of immigrants.

2- because i refuse to clean up after men
ok now i need to tell you the story behind this my aunt came to visit earlier and saw my dad doing HIS own dishes. and yelled at me for not doing it for him.
my response: " I'm doing a paper and he has 2 hands and 2 legs that god graced him with to do work when need be"
of course it resulted in a yelling spree from mommy and aunti on how ill never be married to my bf because i refuse to cater to men. I'm one of those girls who strongly believes we are equal and if you want to go back to that i make the money in the house well no honey actually i will make 30 k more than you so SHUT IT!

3- because i can't not wont CAN"T go to the baby's 1styear b-day party. ok hes one he wont remember it.  and honestly i have to pack, clean, finish the paper and NOW help my grandmother pack for her Virginia trip.

So shes still pacing and I've been writing all this. Yes to answer your little thought me and my brother are the kids no one wanted to baby sit mark is a genius literally who if your wrong he will correct you in English and Spanish and then tell you why your wrong and dumb. I was the tom girl who if   played sports and wore  basketball shorts to school because i felt comfy in them.

so this means we are the kids no Cuban family wanted to have.

also i need to say this
EVERY ONE and i mean everyone in my family except my father and brother are over 200 pds. yet i constantly get called FAT and told i need to lose weight and that being vegan is only making me fatter.

This is NOT true i might be gaining weight yes but its because my stupid medication needs to get changed and because i was a bad vegan during school and events that have happened during vacation have not allowed me to work out properly but now ill be at school with a gym and ill come home lean and mean and tell them they are all disgustingly fat because they eat dead carcases.

ok I'm done if you have any advice or input please share.

with love yvonne- marie

I turned into a kitty

Now literally lol. But i did enter a contest where i had to  do a cat look. I'm not all to good with makeup but when i do it i do try to make it fun and actually try to make it look like i did something. Now at first i wanted to do a look like from the Broadway show cats but then i realized it was 12:30 at night and not possible. So then i thought about my aunts cats and crated this. The contest was run by Veggiebeauty on YouTube. She is cruelty free and awesome you guys should check her out. She also has another channel  that she tags check them out too its a whole channel dedicated to all the  beauty gurus who are cruelty free.
please tell me what you think of the entry i might do another one I'm not sure yet but i wanted to see what people thought of this one.

O before i forget the color i dyed my hair was back to its original color of dark brown.
Hope you have a wonderful day
With love Yvonne-Marie

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quick workout for two weeks

If your looking for a quick new workout for two weeks here is a link to Women's Health Magazine. This link has three workout you should do on Monday Wednesday and Friday. for two weeks.

I know this is a super short post i just wanted to share this with you.

With love

"korean Green" Green Juice

Hello so I'm super energetic this morning i might have allot to do with my breakfast juice. Yes this time i did not really use the blender. Before i show you pictures & give you the recipe i must tell you that the one  veggie i Absolutely hate is included in this juice. Celery i really hate celery it smells gross and taste gross even with peanut butter.But non the less we have a bunch of it in the house and  i have seen many many juices that include it so here you go .
Korean Green

What you will need :
8 leafs of: kale
2 stalks of: celery
2 Korean apples
1 banana
1/3 cup of water

Pictures of the ingredients

Get out your Juicer o yes the one time I actually use it this week.
so in your juicer  start putting the  kale and the celery.
Once the  kale and celery  is juiced put in the Korean apples in the juicer and juice away.
now put all this juice in   a pitcher because it makes quite a bit.
Now take out your blender . Yea yea i know i cant live with out blending something tell me something new people. So place your banana and water in there and blend away till its almost milk like. I think this is how you make banana milk i have heard that its very energizing and a great post workout  drink.
then after blending combine in your pitcher and mix together. Then finally enjoy.

Now i must say that  at first i didn't want to  drink it because of the celery but now i realize  its Awesome and you barely taste the celery so its awesome. It doesn't even taste earthy at all and no added sugar YAY! its awesome I'm super happy about this. And i must say that the Korean apples let out so much juice its ridiculous :)

With love

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Elixr to health Green Smoothie

The Elixir to Health

5 leafs of kale
1 package samabazon acai
6-7 strawberries
1 1/2 mango's (frozen) this is optional
1 cup concentrated green tea ( i used Tazo "zen")
1 tbl sp agave
for your taste you can add 1/2 cup of water

how to prepare your tea:
take two packages of your choice of green tea and place aside.
boil some water.
once your water is boiled place about a cup of it in to a mug and place your two tea packs inside.
once your tea bags have given all they can its time to place your tea in the freezer for about 20-25 min.
then take out and our into blender.

put into the blender the Sambazom package, strawberries , kale, mango's, and tea
bla bla Bleeeeeennnnndd ! and enjoy
Now why have i chosen to call this green smoothie the "Elixir To Health"  is because well tea is so beneficial  to your body and honestly some teas out their can actually do the job of coffee so much better and it helps your skin and also your body it is a cleansing agent to your diet. Especially green tea.  Green tea is just so helpful in cleaning out your body from all the bad stuff you put in it and it also helps you lose weight.
So because  of these amazing benefits  of the green tea and the sambazon acai  i feel that this  green  smoothie will benefit my health in many ways.

With love
Yvonne -Marie

Monday, January 10, 2011

Kiwi Cockkale Green Smoothie

So i was able to go to the super market by me and pick up Kale & some kiwi's. This was my first time using Kale so i was a bit scared of not liking it. But it turned out good if you  like a more earthy bitter taste you can leave out the banana and the tsp of agave nectar.

What you will need
3- kiwis
2- green apples
4-Kale leaves or a cup of kale
1 cup of water
1 banana (optional)
! tsp of agave nectar (optional)

place ingredients into blender and blend away!
then place in a cup and enjoy

Sorry my celly pics suck im going to try and take pics with my laptop instead.
With love

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let the Green smoothie challenge begin !

So for those of you who did not get  the rules/ what you have to do for this challenge here you go.

For 90 days  you have to substitute a green smoothie for  a   meal !
The challenge begins 1/10/11

 What am I trying to prove with this?!
I'm trying to see if the hype out there about green smoothies and how they excel weight loss and make people more energized  is true. I'm also curious about how it is going to make me feel.

Now here's a little NOTE I'm not jumping in to this challenge as a bad vegan

definition of a bad vegan: someone who eats fried vegan foods or things that are vegan but are fattening as well Ex: french fries.

so for the past week in a half i have actually been eating better more salads less rice  and just trying to get prepped to eat better and feel better.Mostly because i don't expect the smoothies to just promote weight loss alone it also ties along with a good diet and exercise.

NOTE: when i say green smoothies they don't just have to be the green  breakfast smoothies you all know and love. you can look for raw soups and stuff because those are technically green smoothies they are just thicker and filled with allot more good greens.

I know this challenge might get  even more difficult for me once i move back to school but I'm willing to take the challenge. However when i do F-up I'm going to blog it. Why am i going to blog my faults? well because if not i wont know if it was me who messed up the process or  if the smoothies them selves need to be changed. But mainly because i want to be honest with myself and you guys.

So i hope you all take this challenge with me or at least support me as i do this.

I will be posting weekly what i drank or did everyday so a food and workout log type deal. I will put the recipes in on the days i had them this way you can look at them and use them too on your challenge.

i will also be posting this in my youtube channel so you can see me talk about how i felt the day i did it.

With love

its been a SICK food week

Fever , Sore throat, Headaches ,& ( sorry for the bluntness) vomiting. Can you tell its been my greatest week yet. When i get sick i get Sick for a while and its like hell in the house. Before you all start giving me your recommendation of what to take i must tell you my sicknesses last a while because of my heart problem and the fact that my immune system is Shit! i've had five years of trying everything and nothing works ever so  i just stay sick and sulking. This time i felt the need to say F it before i go back to school i need to fig out how I'm going to live there and be vegan i refuse to go back to pizza everyday and looking at salad like it was the devil.
so ive had an eventful cooking week i did a video in all my sick glory. Ive had several people ask me about this salsa and so long as no one tells my mother the recipe I'm more than happy to share it with you all.
{place video here}

yea so wasn't that just a yummy salsa good thing is when i don't want salsa or when i need a dressing quick i just process this up and it makes the most awesome dressing EVER!

so this week has been the week of tea experiment.
i put mint into everything cut up lime pieces and boiled them in the water. btw Theraflu is good, it didn't work for me but it was good.
the ginger tea was a bit to spicy ,yea i know i just said spicy with tea.

so the rest is food PORN its what Ive had for lunch breakfast and dinner for most of the week.

And in all my sick pride i did a video because several people requested my recipe for my salsa so here you go !

So i know this is a bit late since this was like last week or something but i got most of my cooking desires out. And have decided to continue experimenting in my kitchen.

With love
Ps: you should check out this link INTERVIEW WITH DAVID about how I became vegan !The segment on this page is called Real people so if you would like to share your story let him know.
BTW the Green smoothie challenge starts tomorrow!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Breakfast Date Smoothie

Hello guys and gals!
im in a peppy mood as you can tell i feel better. And im ready for anything :)
Today i have a recipe for you guys its the Breakfast date smoothie i have it on my channel too for those of you who watch that.
What you will need
6 - dates
1- bannana
1 cup - non dairy milk ( i used almond breeze)
3 tsp vanilla extract

Instructions place all the ingredients into the blender and BLEND! ( you must do the shake dance as you do this as from

Tip* : if your like me and dont like the hard part of the dates and the flakes they leave behind place dates under water and peel under running water it makes it easier to peel them then when they are dry. This is OPTIONAL.

Thank you guys for reading and suporting the blog
I hope you enjoy this smoothie :D
with love Yvonne-Marie

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New year !!!!

so im very welcoming to the New friggin year :). and tonight to celebrae im letting you see what i have done this week things that have gone on and a recipe YAY!. I want to know what is your resolution  and how you plan to follow it. I hope everyone had a safe night and if your like me and my crazy family your night is still going. To many latin traditions.
Enjoy !

My house has been the hot spot for FLAN! if your vegan you dont eat this typicall because the whole thing is made with eggs (i dont eat it but i know there is a vegan flan recipe i shall post later on some day ) but my mom since christmas has made 15 Friggin Flans!!! so i took a few pics.

Recipe My recipe for New years resolution smoothie

Recipe 2 Candy vanilla glazed Butternut squash

Hope you have a great new years day
with love Yvonne-Marie