Friday, January 14, 2011

Because i want to SCREAM!

Before i start my little anger vent here are a few things Ive done in the past 48 hours that are somewhat happy.

 These were for a contest the i really hope i win i think I'm done with looks for now but there is always room for ideas.
I discovered this company through my best friend rosie (rosie21 twitter) her sister just got a job there and there juices are crack. however this crack doesn't kill it makes life.

This one is more like 72 hours ago but i made seitan and btw i love making it by hand.

OK now onto my RANT
So  I usually hate going to school the idea of it gives me butterflies in my stomach and  gives me migraines. However this winter break has  been absolutely horrible. Although the one good thing that came out of it was getting to know my grandmother and tricking her into eating vegan things. but from family  making Christmas unbearable to the realization that I'm getting older and cant wrestle with my brother with out getting called immature. Has just stopped me in my tracks. I'm feeling the stress of school coming and since i did so bad this past semester i feel like i have to make the grade. the funny thing is this semester i worked my Tush off and have nothing good to show for it and it hurts. On top of this i have to say WAY to go college system where parents cant see my grades and i can lie. But on another note . Currently my mother is pacing back and forth  telling me how rude I'm being by typing on my computer and not listening to her tell me about how I'm such a rotten child for the following:

1- because i DON'T eat meat!
    hear was my response
( well i just wanted to make sure i lived longer than mark and you all  to see everyone go and prove the doctors wrong)
yeayea yea i know I'm a smart mouth  Ive been since i was 13 and realized i was smarter than my family of immigrants.

2- because i refuse to clean up after men
ok now i need to tell you the story behind this my aunt came to visit earlier and saw my dad doing HIS own dishes. and yelled at me for not doing it for him.
my response: " I'm doing a paper and he has 2 hands and 2 legs that god graced him with to do work when need be"
of course it resulted in a yelling spree from mommy and aunti on how ill never be married to my bf because i refuse to cater to men. I'm one of those girls who strongly believes we are equal and if you want to go back to that i make the money in the house well no honey actually i will make 30 k more than you so SHUT IT!

3- because i can't not wont CAN"T go to the baby's 1styear b-day party. ok hes one he wont remember it.  and honestly i have to pack, clean, finish the paper and NOW help my grandmother pack for her Virginia trip.

So shes still pacing and I've been writing all this. Yes to answer your little thought me and my brother are the kids no one wanted to baby sit mark is a genius literally who if your wrong he will correct you in English and Spanish and then tell you why your wrong and dumb. I was the tom girl who if   played sports and wore  basketball shorts to school because i felt comfy in them.

so this means we are the kids no Cuban family wanted to have.

also i need to say this
EVERY ONE and i mean everyone in my family except my father and brother are over 200 pds. yet i constantly get called FAT and told i need to lose weight and that being vegan is only making me fatter.

This is NOT true i might be gaining weight yes but its because my stupid medication needs to get changed and because i was a bad vegan during school and events that have happened during vacation have not allowed me to work out properly but now ill be at school with a gym and ill come home lean and mean and tell them they are all disgustingly fat because they eat dead carcases.

ok I'm done if you have any advice or input please share.

with love yvonne- marie


  1. ooo ps i do not weigh over 200 pounds but everyone else does

  2. There is no such thing as being a "bad vegan", you are only human and are entitled to make mistakes. It's the way that you bounce back from them that counts. My first vegan month all I ate was pasta and processed foods. Also, the longer you've been a meat eater before going vegan, the more "traumatized" your body is making it a bit more difficult to process the weight loss aspect, with or without exercise. Do not let the scale discourage you, especially since you have an existing medical condition and are under medication. As for your family, they love you no matter what. My family still thinks I am in a cult so I simply have stopped trying to explain to them what being vegan is about. (My family is also Cuban). From what I gather, they simply don't understand and don't care to understand either. People get defensive if others even hint at the fact that the way they have lived their whole life may be wrong. Just keep doing what you're doing for yourself and as time goes by it will get easier.

  3. I'm sorry you're having such a difficult time:/ I'm a relatively good student, but sometimes I've gotten less than perfect grades..its going to happen, just try your best and study more next time. I'm a chubby vegetarian (now vegan) and I've already lost weight being a vegan. I really appreciate you supporting my contest and I love the entries you came up with:)