Thursday, January 6, 2011

Breakfast Date Smoothie

Hello guys and gals!
im in a peppy mood as you can tell i feel better. And im ready for anything :)
Today i have a recipe for you guys its the Breakfast date smoothie i have it on my channel too for those of you who watch that.
What you will need
6 - dates
1- bannana
1 cup - non dairy milk ( i used almond breeze)
3 tsp vanilla extract

Instructions place all the ingredients into the blender and BLEND! ( you must do the shake dance as you do this as from

Tip* : if your like me and dont like the hard part of the dates and the flakes they leave behind place dates under water and peel under running water it makes it easier to peel them then when they are dry. This is OPTIONAL.

Thank you guys for reading and suporting the blog
I hope you enjoy this smoothie :D
with love Yvonne-Marie

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  1. It sounds tasty :D could I put this recipe on my site? I'll link back to your blog of course!