Sunday, January 16, 2011

I found icecream !!!

Hello folks I'm in a super peppy mood :)  because I'm back in the dorms. In the video below i show you the dorm and you can see just how peppy i am :) .

 so i literally had no food but my dad came back and took me to WF and  bought me vegan pizza's some organic oranges and this.
 i really hope its vegan I've heard its vegan, so i hope it is :) but i took about half a cup of this stuff and sat down to relax and ooo since i had the room to myself i worked out i did 30 min of yoga, 10 min of intense core & some cardio dance its nice to have a living room with so much space my bestie/ suite mate Trish fixed our living room i love how it looks  you saw my awesome room and how she fixed it :).
so i need to do well this semester i got the letter that says i might loose my financial aid if i don't so i need to do well. I also was going to add a class but after reading that letter i thought that since  i have hard enough classes I'm going to leave my schedule as is try to get my little job at school again and just deal and study after all, all the close friends i need are in  my room anyway.

Hope fully you will get to meet them soon.

with love

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