Friday, May 31, 2013

School is over but life is still just as busy

Life has been RIDICULOUS to say the least this past year with nursing school. I have learned so much and at the same time I have also gotten just a wee bit crazier. I failed nursing two, although I can reapply to the sister school and take it over in the fall I have come to a realization from my failure. I didn't fail because I didn't work hard, or study enough, or because I am not smart enough. I failed because I just didn't get certain material. Most of it I was okay with and I struggled with family and friends (possibly lost some) due to my crazy no life or fun schedule. What I took with me this semester was that I can throw myself into something if I truly want it. I can neglect my tv shows, stop reading my magazines, and let go of hang out time with old friends. Its possible, I learned the proper way to study for an exam and how to ORGANIZE. Which to be honest I think nursing school has made me a little obsessive compulsive (stay tuned to see the crazy organizational projects I have coming).

What now ? Well I decided to go into masters school for what .. well that not 100% sure yet but its fine because turns out Kean University the beautiful AWFUL school that it is ( ill leave it at that ).Turns out I have to make out a few classes before I can apply to any programs which is fine (not really but keep reading you'll see why it works out) since public health is a major and since one of the girls who I became really close in nursing school failed also and will be tagging along with me.

I think what I am honestly happy about, when I was at kean I literally went through classes just to pass and finish I barely studied. All I basically did was party, sleep, drink, & eat (ahh sorority life <3). But now that its all over I have so much more of an appreciation for school . So the classes I have to take over because of nursing school I see their importance so much more. I am also going to throw myself into it and never come out until I am doing exactly what I want to do . I just not quite sure what that is yet. I can tell you this though I LOVED nursing, the clinical, the poop, the paperwork, the documenting, I loved it all (sure I complained frequently) but I still loved every drop of it. However I also loved some of my bio classes, I love nature and don't even get me started on them furry little creatures.

My dear and close friend rosie introduced me recently to a geology major. My first instinct, "WTF who wants to play with rocks all day... weirdo", but being the polite me that I am I asked "what made you choose that ". This is where the ahhahh moment came in. Her response

" There is just so much I can do with it. I graduated with anthropology because honestly I hated math and was willing to do any major that didn't have it, but then when I moved to jersey for my 'ex-fiance' I found ______ university has geology and what you can go onto do . A lot of it has to do with the earth, nature and aligned with public health it can be turned into how nature is affecting our health. (<- for those of you snoozing .. THAT's THE AHHAHH MOMENT). If you like nursing you can also fix your classes or go back in as a transfer take a year and a half pick a second major type thing like I did and graduate then go along and sign up for nursing and you will have two degrees that allow you to basically make any nature or medical job into one."
so I think this is what Im going to do since lovely KEAN UNIVERSITY has basically sucked. What I can 100% say is that I know when fall comes I will be back on to nursing school mode no life no nothing. I don't know how but I plan on taking 18 credits, working, while still making time for karim.
If you know me well enough by now you know my down fall unfortunately is !MATH! I hate it. but because all of the courses I did not so good in were math I am beginning the clean sweep this summer with precal.
I don't feel so bad ( I mean I had a depression week full of tears after I got the failing grade... which isn't horrible might I add) but after realizing karim has his career set and did undergrad and grad and still isn't sure what he wants to do and if he wants to continue teaching. I got to  say I don't feel so bad anymore. I know I want nursing and nature, or medicine and nature ( which ever combination makes sense) in my life.
Well enough venting and rambling ( I am at work after all )