Saturday, April 20, 2013

Random late night post

Studying for an exam on Monday and this is what happens (check picture below) I ended up babysitting my kiddies And spending the hour after the kids were in bed watching rotten television.

Well back to the books good night bloggers.

Xoxo YMV

Thursday, April 4, 2013

preparing for the hell weekend ahead

To start off I had a long long day of work ahead of me today . Hence the NO MAKEUP day below picture. 
Yes my eyes may be puffy and my hair may be super curly and wild but honestly all i wanted to do all day was sleep in my cozy bed. Sadly life has a way of happening and I had to go to work. 

Currently all week on top of trying to figure out what I will write for my incident report for school (long story short my clinical professor is an ass) I have been trying to finish reading and writing notes for my study group on Saturday. Luckily I chose the chapter on the EYE, which might I add I find incredibly interesting, who knew there were a billion things that could happen to such a small part of your body that is exposed to the world. 

Tada!!!! the "To Do List". Okay so you might of seen this once or twice on here already, get use to it. I find myself becoming more OCD, organized, extremely tired & easily annoyed as I go through nursing school and life. Of course I just had to add "work out" because of my promise to karim that I would get 80% more healthy before judgement for the horrid "open heart surgery". So I'm trying. 


In keeping my promise to karim I went shopping at BJ's with mark (little brother for those of you who are just following this blog now ) and we bought a bunch of healthy yummy things. I find I am one of those people who think that because it comes in kids size It has just got to be healthier. Because of this i bought the Chobani champions yogurts and boy oh boy are they yummy ( I love banana in everything !). Has anyone noticed that the kids get better flavors and lower calories I mean it technically is healthier.  I also got the MOTTS apple packs to combine with some almond butter, we bought more water (because seriously you cant have too much of it ... haha! yes you can its called "Fluid Volume Excess") The hidden container at the bottom is some brown rice, beans & boiled eggs. And a go-gurt mark thought I couldn't live without.

As I head off to sleep I get stuck looking at my to do list and everything I have to do tomorrow before I leave for work and during work & all I can think is HOLY CRAP!. 

I leave you with an oh so cute picture of my favorite Study buddy.
Good night fellow Late night bloggers,
xoxo YMV

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

After EXAM Update!!

We failed correction the entire class failed. Well almost 10 people in a 40 student class passed. those that passed didn't pass with good grades the highest grade was an 84. comsidering that a 78 is just passing and 84 really is not that great. I was one of the many students who got a 70 on the exam i swear like a good 10-15 of us got a 70.

The entire class was angry and frustrated and honestly who would't be. Most of us studied together anyway after reviewing the exam we realized most of our exam was based on things we just didnt quite focus on in lecture or in the notes the teacher gave us.

To add more bad news we also found out our school will be closing after our class graduates. Cant you tell what kind of a week I'm Having.

If you have any advice or tips on how to pass the next exam which will be on neurology, psych , and muscular system please let me and my fellow classmates know we need all the help we can get.

well off to not sleeping for a few weeks. Enjoy your rest and face clear of under eye circles.
xoxo YMV