Wednesday, August 29, 2012

sex sells disney

Check out this article first -->

So I grew up watching Disney and the many starlets that came out from it. But it wasn't until i was about 14 or fifteen that I actually started to really know the starts and follow up with celebrity drama. I must admit just like any other teen (back then anyways) I love when the stars go bad. Now in the article they say they have gone bad yatayatayata but in their personal lives they have not, but boy do they know how to act bad on the big screen . there is another movie coming our "RED DAWN" that has josh from drake and josh and a couple other teen celebs I grew up watching.

Do you love watching the "Goodie too shoes" stars go bad ? if so let me know who your favorite tween or teen (from your time) that went bad is.

Oh and I also grew up watching lindsay lohan and she is definitely not my favorite i like when they go for edgier roles not edgier drugs. 


Saturday, August 25, 2012


I call this "The Iffle Tower of Nursing" this is how many books i will be needing for just 1 class. I am taking two other classes comp2 and sign language 2 sign language should be a fun ride like it was the first time since i have the same professor. Comp2 is online because with nursing i really did not want to spend much a lot of time traveling to classes and stuff and it would make my life easier. I am EXTREMELY nervous about nursing. I am nervous about passing , studying having time for my own health, dog, relationship, and other school work. I have looked up videos from other students and i saw that a lot say having a life is possible but its also difficult so i am a bit worried. Me and karim have been together for 3 years 6 months i stuck with him through his teaching masters and i know he will be by my side but hey a girl worries especially since i don't have a car to go over to him and he is a full teacher now so he will be busy too. If you have any relationship advice on this please give it. Anyway the studying i am prepared for my bio degree seems easy compared to this. and i am just a little bit freaked to be honest about clinicals and the math for meds. I SUCK AT MATH. its no joke i took pre-cal twice and the second time i spent my life with the tutor and teacher. so i am def nervous for the math part and i don't even remember how i got through chemistry.if there are any nursing majors that can give advice on this i would totally love it

Tomorrow is my orientation at the school and I can't wait for it my two close friends got into the school too so we will all be doing it together. I will let you know how that goes.

  So school has officially started orientation was NUTS to say the least we were bombarded with tons of information so much that i am stunned. We also have our first exam (math for meds exam) it is supposed to be just basic math that we will need for clinical. We have three chances to pass the exam before we are allowed to start clinicals. So i started studying these little cards are just of chapters 1 &2 i stil have 3,4,5,6, 13,14, &16 to go lol yes my time is now gone
Speaking of time:

I have NONE. At our orientation our professors spoke to us about time management, which let me tell you is a lot harder than you might think. I had to make sure i had time for not only my nursing class but my writing class and that i had time to study , prep, work, babysit & make time for karim and reese. I was told to also include time for traveling back and forth to school. This school even recommended we get Ipad's because it would be great for studying and less for us to bring to class. I sadly dont have the money for one yet but my birthday is coming up so that will be on my wish list.

There is something I love more than health and sometimes even more than reese (when reese steels my yummies), it is called FOOTBALL! Come on people don't you love football? Well me and Karim are huge JETS FANS and Karim and Kerry (his best friend) got to go to the Jets training camp below are some of the highlights
ok if your not excited i truly am enough for all of us. 

The rest of the week was a mix of studying and work and oh yea some more work. Today I took a study break day and spent it with karim we did alot of running and walking with reese today. tomorrow I will be hitting those books hard.

Hope the rest of your had a great week !

xoxo YMV <3

Monday, August 20, 2012

Motivation Monday!

I think we can all agree that the above statement is true. 
However its easier said than done. 
I have heard so many tips and trick into making something a habit. Whether it be "21 days until its a habit, or two months and you will do it for life"
But to be honest I disagree with all statements. 
I think in order to make something a habit you have to do it for a year be fully committed to it for a whole year. If you can do that then you can do it for the rest of your life no matter what comes your way.
I think people (including myself ) sometimes look to fitness and clean eating as a way to fix a problem instead of a change in life style. Once we realize this is how its supposed to be forever and not just for now we will always see better results.

Lets be serious now a planner is a girls/guys best friend when it comes to making time for it all.Sometimes you need to work around your schedule and remember that with out your health everything will never be done.

I Leave you all on this motivation Monday with this tip.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

REFLECTIONS of the week

There is now only a week and a few days between me and school. This week we have our mandatory orientation where they probably will be discussing how they figured out how to torture us for the next two years of our lives. My bio degree was fun crazy but fun somehow considering the massive piles of books for the ONE nursing class i think this degree will not be as fun at all .
 I received this from @generalelectric as a gift for my healthy living. i LOVE IT i did find it a bit confusing at first i was like WHAT 0_o  when it started mentioning all the little things the computer monitoring part tells you. But after a few videos and some light manual reading i got it working fine and i really love it and think its a good think to have if you are trying to lose weight or just monitor your daily intake.

On Wednesday poor REESE Got stuck out in the rain. So did me and my brother. We are now looking for a doggy rain coat.
My mother decided to make an effort and turn the whole house on a healthy spin since all my surgeons and doctors said i had to lose 50 pounds before December.So to show me and the doctors that she means business this time she decided to cook tofu and make a dish all on her own. i know it was fried in a sense but it is still a lot better than what she was cooking before.

Who said Chinese food couldn't be healthy.Well i did once until my friend nia from the Entirely Gorgeous Blog   posted on her Facebook a picture of how she kept Chinese food healthy by ordering things steamed, grilled and sauce on the side. So in the above picture there are steamed veggies 1/2 cup white rice and some setan that i had that i microwaved and placed into the meal. However if you don't have setan you can get grilled chicken or steamed shrimp (if your not a vegan or vegetarian). And for a girl like me who orders out at least twice a week this is a need to know.


 Those strawberries and the bananas below are what i decided to do today I figured my boyfriend is coming over and he really enjoys smoothies and shakes might aw well freeze everything so that it will be fast and yummy. Plus during the week i like to make raw ice cream or a green smoothie so frozen fruit is great to have on hand.

i had so many other picture but this wek my phone decided that it wanted to delete random things and apps off of my phone so I was not able to post any of my pics:(. Once I get my i phone i promise that there will constantly be better quality photos and more of them.
Hope you all had a great week.

xoxo YMV

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


No i am definitely not perfect. Not in career, relationships, and in my diet. So If you follow my blog or did before when my writing was constant I hate vegans that are extremely STRICT. And let my be clear not strict with their own diet ( I admire that ) but with everyone else's diet. I have gone to meetups and have spoken to so many vegans & vegetarians that have told me I should not consider my self and animal activist or anything because my diet is always changing. For those of you who don't know i have a genetic heart condition that basically has me on more pills than your grand parents take.   These pills reaction can be altered unfortunately by what i eat. Coumadin (evil drug look it up) can be lowered by anything healthy veggies and fruit usually my favorites. So none-the-less when i cant continue a diet plan or eating plan as i want to it really bugs me when people judge just because its not totally perfect as to how they go about it. I went into vegan/vegetarian diet because of health reasons and because of the same ones my doctor changed the plan and re-routed me back to lean meats and fish. Now that my condition is even more severe and frankly they cant figure out how to give me a consistent diet that wont mess everything up they have me eating mostly vegan/vegetarian and having poultry once or twice a week.

I love raw and vegan food i think it challenges me in the kitchen and makes me activate taste buds that have been hidden for years. but for now i will be doing it 5 days a week. To all the snooty vegheads out their this doesn't take away my love for animals not the desire i have to help them .

That being said my favorite blogger and vlogger posted this on her channel and i think in a sense even though i think her diet is AMAZING. She explains how even other vegans find flaw in her habits and how you don't have to judge yourself and strive to eat and be perfect.

Sorry for the #vegan rant i still love the community i just think we should focus on getting more people on board with our ideas and trying to keep their diets as clean and animal friendly as possible instead of making sure their diets are as close to perfect as possible.

xoxo YMV

Monday, August 13, 2012

Motivation Monday

 Better said then done I know. But here is the amazing part. You don't need the gym. I took zumba classes for 2 months and lost 12 pounds ( of course accompanied with a good diet). But not everyone has the money (me), time(me), transportation (me , hey the gym is far well the good ones are) or the will power to leave the house and go. Here is where it gets good YOU DON'T NEED THE GYM! I know huh. lol well you don't. Have you discovered BODY ROCK yet? No well click the link. I like to use the "Body weight exercises meaning nothing with the equipment. Although the equipment does help a  lot it is on the pricier side and if you don't have money for a gym you don't need to spend it on all that equipment. Once you get their moves and an understanding of how they run the work outs and you can then better do it on your own.
 remember this statement for when you look at your sweaty gross self in the gym or home mirror after a workout and feel like giving up. 

a snack filled with flavor and protein. These are my personal favorites you can use any nut you like and any form of peanut butter you like.

Here is to hoping this post motivated you to get up of your lazy rump and hit the outdoors. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A reflection of the day

 My day started out with the face with frustration and exhaustion. 
I didnt get much sleep and went over and over the rules and things for the modifications my dietician and doctor gave me for my diet. I love reading about healthy eating and food except of course when its restrictions im given and when its 60 pages long. I will leave that lovely post about my diet and how horrible it is going to be to try and keep it consistent so that my heart medication does not act up for another time.
 Me my brother and my father decided a nice day at the park would be good for us and the dog some fresh air and time away from my computer and his X-Box would do everyone some good.
Reese  had so much fun  playing soccer and chasing after the ball he was awesome.
I will be posting up that lovely blog post about my diet for my heart surgery and disease sometime in the next two weeks because it is currently still being changed. 

Hope you all had a lovely day 
xoxo YMV

Friday, August 10, 2012

A recipe of curiosity 1

So i will be picking my favorite curious recipes of the week. There will be one a week. Here is the thing i will be picking fat free vegan or vegetarian recipes that will not only help with weight loss but will also help with the budget. Most of the ingredients in the recipe of the week will be something either i already have or that is in expensive to get.

For my first choice i chose the "BLUEBERRY GREEN TEA CHEAP-O-CHINO" i found it in fat free vegans blog. The only ingredient i don't have is the pectin but i found a website that has it for CHEAP!

I think picking something to try once a week will also make my pantry really healthy since you have to add any ingredient you don't already have little by little.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DESIGNER V.S SHELTER & HELP out a shelter with a VOTE

In case you don't already know i recently got a dog.
His name is Reese

Before i actually got my dog i searched and searched thinking i wanted a certain breed or behavior or even energy level . After a few weeks i though i found the perfect pup it was a cute little yorkie i though "OMG perfect" then of course my mother ruined my excitment and said  "$1,300 dollars for what a dog that fits in a purse when there are dogs on the street that need homes." After i thought about what she said it got me thinking  "Crap" shes right. there i was looking for a designer pooch  when my soul puppy was probably in a shelter. I did my research and i found Reese on petfinder. I went to the adoption event at PetsMart and that was it i wanted to take him home right away and just play and give him crazy kisses. I know the decision i made in adopting a dog was way better than buying one from a breeder. and after playing and having the time i have had with Reese i now know that i would never have done well with a yorkie i am too active and a yorkie is not as active as i would like. Reese runs with me and is more active than I am and i really love that.I want to know what your view on adoption and breeding are. Before you let me know please read below the story of Reese and the Shelter because the shelter needs all the votes it can get!

I got Reese from an animal shelter foster family called Animal Life Savers they we awesome through the adoption and all the dogs were kept in foster homes each given attention and love from individual families until they found their forever homes. The community is small and the lady who runs it spends alot of her time traveling back and forth between  the foster homes to get all the dogs ready for adoption events at the PetsMart's near me she does events at two locations. The first location is at the PetsMart in North Bergen  and the one in Secaucus. It is a lot of hard work and takes a lot of time. they are the one main animal shelter /rescue in out area some of the other try and keep as many dogs/cats in their shelters as possible and to prevent the animals from gettting killed Animal Life Savers will try and have to animals who will be going on deaths row fostered by some of their foster families or volunteers. 

I have thought long and hard about becoming a foster home for a dog but i live in an apartment and even though reese has a lot of running room and there is room for another very small dog i just don't know if it would be best for Reese to share a home with another dog . Not yet anyway. I still think i might do it and just specify that it would have to be a very small dog, i don't know what do you guys think?

Animal Life Savers needs HELP they have entered a contest with they need all the votes they can get  the winner receives 300,000 dollars to help their shelter animals. Animal Life Savers does not have a shelter of their own like i said they work off of foster families. So it would be great to have a shelter for the animals to stay at and get round clock care and maybe they would be able to save more animals this way. So if your a dog, cat or just a lover of saving animals please vote. 

To vote click on THIS  it will ask you 
shelter name: Animal Life Savers INC
country : United states
state: New Jersey

click search it will pull up the shelter and vote. 

A New addition to my life

No karim has not proposed yet (would really like him to do so ) and i did not have a baby. I did however adopt a cute puppy. He was adopted from Animal Life Savers his name is reese he is a Chihuahua, dacshund terrier mix. We have already had him for two months we got him when he was four months.

This was his first week with us he became comfortable right away.
 After i got him we went on a little doggy shopping spree and i got him a few toys and treats this one for some reason seemed to be his favorite
 He loves to go out and play but he is also doing basic obedience training because at some point i want him to become a therapy dog like the ones i use to have when i was in the hospital. It made such a difference to my visit in the hospital i would like to do that for someone else too.
This use to be his favorite toy until he destroyed it now it is a soc monkey he seems to not want to live without. 

Enough of my sharing do any of you have a dog, cat, lizzard, or pet you want to share or have tons and tons of pictures of send me your blogs in the comments and i will check it out. 

xoxo YMV

Monday, August 6, 2012

8/6/12 workout

Today i had my first session of swim therapy i know crazy huh. Let me tell you swimming is the one exercise  i love to do more than anything else in the world  the therapist kind of ruined it for me today. but i guess i did take out a great workout and i learned some more things to add into my daily routine.

I would like to know if any fellow swimmers have any ideas about what they like to incorporate in their workouts that have helped in weight loss or in speed and endurance.also if their are an specific land workouts you do let me know.

Maybe writing a blog post when your dead tiered and stress was not the best idea oh well things happen.

xoxo YMV

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A body rock challenge?!

Me and karim will be doing a body rock challenge in two weeks. We plan on having all the videos or at least work out moves we like on  a post here on my site once we start the challenge.

If you dont know what body rock is "kick yourself" no just kidding but seriously folks they are free and amazing. Here is their link BODY ROCK!!!! yes they are <---- that amazing.

So what is the challenge? Well me and karim will be competing with each other not on the amount of weight loss but on the progress on how many reps we can do for any video we started with by the end of the month. Me and karim are short on time and i have swim therapy so we plan on doing body rock three times a week for a month . In case your wondering about equipment WE WON'T BE USING AN'Y! We will only be picking videos that use no equipment or where the equipment can be modified easily. Along with this i will be also trying to eat as clean as possible. I will post rules and my diet all when it gets closer to the challenge. In the mean time i would like to know who would like to join us in the challenge we will give you our mfp's (my fitness pal) so we can all encourage one another and also be accountable to each other for doing the workouts.

Let us know.

xoxo YMV <3

Saturday, August 4, 2012

On the Road to SURGERY

I have been going crazy with my weight, school, life, and especially my health. My doctor told me to be a vegan for a while then told me to stop the change did a drastic turn to my body  it was horrible. recently about two weeks ago i had a catherization, the catherization told us that my homograph (my heart valve ) is to small and is continuing to shrink in size. As you can probably guess this was not good news. As of right now we have no official date as to when it will be performed i have STRONGLY suggested that we wait until December after my nursing finals.  Of course with the severity of needing do have an open heart surgery my doctor wants me to easy my way into being a vegetarian. He would also like me to try cleansing once a week. I don't have money to buy a cleanse (yes i no longer work at blue print cleanse) but also my juicer has gone missing. I wanted to know your views on bolt house juices and if you could creat a cleanse with it ifnot let me know of your best cleansing recipes and what you suggest. and is Juicing better than blending?

I have not juiced or blended anything myself in a while i would love to start a cleanse soon but i have no idea what to do and what veggies are the best to blend without  loosing nutritional value.