Monday, August 13, 2012

Motivation Monday

 Better said then done I know. But here is the amazing part. You don't need the gym. I took zumba classes for 2 months and lost 12 pounds ( of course accompanied with a good diet). But not everyone has the money (me), time(me), transportation (me , hey the gym is far well the good ones are) or the will power to leave the house and go. Here is where it gets good YOU DON'T NEED THE GYM! I know huh. lol well you don't. Have you discovered BODY ROCK yet? No well click the link. I like to use the "Body weight exercises meaning nothing with the equipment. Although the equipment does help a  lot it is on the pricier side and if you don't have money for a gym you don't need to spend it on all that equipment. Once you get their moves and an understanding of how they run the work outs and you can then better do it on your own.
 remember this statement for when you look at your sweaty gross self in the gym or home mirror after a workout and feel like giving up. 

a snack filled with flavor and protein. These are my personal favorites you can use any nut you like and any form of peanut butter you like.

Here is to hoping this post motivated you to get up of your lazy rump and hit the outdoors. 

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