Saturday, August 4, 2012

On the Road to SURGERY

I have been going crazy with my weight, school, life, and especially my health. My doctor told me to be a vegan for a while then told me to stop the change did a drastic turn to my body  it was horrible. recently about two weeks ago i had a catherization, the catherization told us that my homograph (my heart valve ) is to small and is continuing to shrink in size. As you can probably guess this was not good news. As of right now we have no official date as to when it will be performed i have STRONGLY suggested that we wait until December after my nursing finals.  Of course with the severity of needing do have an open heart surgery my doctor wants me to easy my way into being a vegetarian. He would also like me to try cleansing once a week. I don't have money to buy a cleanse (yes i no longer work at blue print cleanse) but also my juicer has gone missing. I wanted to know your views on bolt house juices and if you could creat a cleanse with it ifnot let me know of your best cleansing recipes and what you suggest. and is Juicing better than blending?

I have not juiced or blended anything myself in a while i would love to start a cleanse soon but i have no idea what to do and what veggies are the best to blend without  loosing nutritional value.

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