Wednesday, August 29, 2012

sex sells disney

Check out this article first -->

So I grew up watching Disney and the many starlets that came out from it. But it wasn't until i was about 14 or fifteen that I actually started to really know the starts and follow up with celebrity drama. I must admit just like any other teen (back then anyways) I love when the stars go bad. Now in the article they say they have gone bad yatayatayata but in their personal lives they have not, but boy do they know how to act bad on the big screen . there is another movie coming our "RED DAWN" that has josh from drake and josh and a couple other teen celebs I grew up watching.

Do you love watching the "Goodie too shoes" stars go bad ? if so let me know who your favorite tween or teen (from your time) that went bad is.

Oh and I also grew up watching lindsay lohan and she is definitely not my favorite i like when they go for edgier roles not edgier drugs. 


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