Monday, September 3, 2012


Sorry I'm late but once you get reading you will understand why.
OUCH! yes this would happen to me and this is actually the second infection I have caught this week. I think it is safe to say my immune system is pretty low right now. I also have my 1st clinical tomorrow so I am a bit nervous about what they are going to say about my pinky. The picture above was taken yesterday so today it is a bit bigger and there is a little white color developing so i think if i keep soaking it the puss should come out (sorry for the TMI)
so with studying to be done and a painful pinky i had to soak and study. BTW if you ever get an infected hangnail epsom salt and hot water soothe it slowly but surely. 
on a sepreate less painful note. I got my nursing shoes! We don't get to use them for another three weeks but i figure it is better to get them now than later. Our scrubs will have not been sent so once that comes in you will be to see pictures and such with them on .

The rest of this week was kind of up and down with a tooth ache and trying to go see doctors and getting my INR regulated  it has been the week of not feeling well sadly. 
But things move on and fun things happen allow the way
Today is Karims birthday!!!!!!!
He is turning 26 today so we are doing a little get together and having some fun.
Since I have to go and get ready for the festivities and bandage the pinky I leave you with a cute picture of reese sleeping as I blog. 
Happy Labor Day Weekend !!!!!! Drink safely
xo YMV

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