Monday, September 3, 2012

Motivation Monday!

I saw this on tumbr and thought it was a great reminder on how to help your abs out.

 My new go-to way for  flavored water all the natural flavors with out any processed sugars
I think this picture says it all sometimes we beat ourselves before we even really give our bodies a chance to prove itself. We need to get up and get out and moving so that we can prove just how much our bodies can take. As a heart patient I can honestly tell you that I probably have the most limitations a doctor can give a girl. but i still try to find ways to keep moving. Zumba, swiming, walking, pilates are a few ways i do this of course at a lower level so that i don't push my heart too far. There is no excuse for not trying to stay fit you just have to do it. Find the one thing you like to go and go for it. While your at it keep your diet clean and healthy. 

xoxo YMV

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