Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ipad's , Halloween, hurricane sandy, and NURSING HELL!

First I finally got my IPAD karim did end up getting it for my birthday. I was super excited when we went to the apple store. We also sat down learned how to use it and went through all the nursing student friendly apps.
 on our way to the magic land the apple store in NYC
 I brought it home to enjoy and started downloading apps

Me trying to get some studying done on it. 

Me & my mother have begun to love moscato

NURSING SCHOOL HELL!! So first off let me just say I am more stressed now than I think i have ever been in my whole life even when I was in undergrad for biology. I barley sleep I am now always constantly studying. I have gained maybe 5 pounds or a bit more since the start of school. There seems to be no way best to let off my stress. The exams are crazy and the readings challenging to get through because they are so long. The first exam I got a 94 on (secretly I thought i was a genius), then the second exam came along and I got a 78 (the exam must have been wrong). Needless to say I studied the same way for both exams and I put in the same amount of effort I guess I needed to work even harder for the second one due to the amount of information. The third exam is almost here and so is our paper that is due on the 5th of November, so I guess I will be dead until then. Have you noticed yet it has not been a Happy Halloween?

 He finally found some good corn bread.
Me and karim still see each other as much as we can in every week and weekends and we still oovoo on the computer every single night until we go to sleep. (yes my electric bill is off the roof)
 Since i started school I noticed my little man has been spending more and more time with his uncle mark who is sleeping under reese. So sadly I usually only get to have Reese sleeping in my bed about 3 times a week. Hey before you judge me I have waited forever for a dog I really want to enjoy it.
 Sometimes we just cant help it and we need to relax and settle our stress and me and Karim went out  shopping and we found a really nice sports lounge by my house that we went had a few drinks and tried hooka for the first time. In my opinion it tasted ok but I wouldn't do it again because the internet and my nursing professor told me it is worse than tobacco on my heart.
 If you know what that is please inform me. 
So Reese appeared with this in the beginning of September and It has stayed there not grown its on both ears on the same spot. He doesn't scratch it, it does not bleed and his ears get cleaned often. I changed his shampoo twice and nothing so doggy health care is not my area of expertise.
 Oh Walmart has been my go to place for the last month or so. 
It just so happen one of my friends who is obsessed with hello kitty was having a birthday and I was able to get a lot of gifts for my money.
This little sucker I discovered 2 days ago . 
Currently he resides in my neighbors bushes right outside our apartment. 
His web grows bigger everyday and If you know me I HATE SPIDERS! I just want to move him to anywhere other than next to our building.

Hurricane Sandy Approaches the EAST COAST so it is 12:04am on October 29th and as of right now it is extremely windy and it is drizzling in my area so I took the liberty of writing. 1) this blog post, 2)making flash cards, 3) cuddling up with reese, & 4) chatting it up with karim.
 the beginning of the very large pile these index cards will become
I find my Ipad is useful for many things but making my index cards faster is not the best use of it.
Reese cuddling up waiting for sandy to come.