Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pre-Nursing II Exam jitters second exam

So I have been super stressed out about my second exam for my second semester of nursing since the first exam I got a 68 which in nursing school is a huge failure. Mind you i studied for that one. I have been studying like crazy building some not so attractive under eye circles and messy hair. Today Karim came over and helped calm my nerves by taking me to zepllins biergarden in jersey city. I honestly loved the place but I don't think we were able to enjoy it much because of my test anxiety.

In the picture I'm sure u can clearly see the lovely bags under my eyes I have been working oh so hard to earn. I also made a list of what to do before we leave at 7:30am in the freaking morning when we head to school.

Seriously I'm dreading tomorrow I will be in school from 8am- 9 pm yay me.

Here is to hoping i do we'll this exam

Goodnight bloggers,
Xoxo ymv