Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Well Hello Hello EVeryone

I feel as if i have been gone from here for such a long time. I have had school driving me nuts, a bit of depression and the stresses of a job. But I am slowly coming back.

First bit of GOOD NEWS
A New blog!: YES! i have a new blog with my boyfriend Karim it is called A strive to be healthy . Me and my boy friend have gotten very serious about weight loss. My personal reasons as always are because of my heart, I will do almost anything to pretty much stay away from the operating table. In this blog i Get a bit more personal on what inspires me and puts me in a happy mood. However this blog also will have pictures of me and karims progress through our journeys. Please check it out If you are a fitness, vegan, health & wellness, or just a curious blogger. We are still building it up but our friend Andrew who is a PT (personal trainer) at Crunch gym may also be joining us with tips and tricks to not only help loose weight but maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Yet again a change in diet!: So i went from omnivore to vegan back to omnivore and now currently a vegetarian. Before you all go and get all judgmental on me, My doctor told me to go back to eating chicken and fish no red meats it was hard but i had to follow his orders then shortly after he told me to try a happy medium and stay vegetarian. So at this point in my life i am vegetarian however i try not to make my life difficult when i have to go out with friends or Karim's family i will then  eat a fish hear of there. I will be posting my healthy new and improved recipes both on this blog and my new one A strive to be healthy.

My New views on life: So why did I all of the sudden get so into fitness health and wellness, well if you have followed this blog for a while you already knew I was very interested in this. Recently Karim got very into body building and wanted to loose his body fat and make the muscle he has been dying to have. I have never been too happy with my body, in the last two weeks I have had a revelation and realize that I made dumb excuses in the past to not workout. I have a full gym membership that is finally paid for and a list of fun videos that i can do at home in case of snow.

I know i know everyone is talking about there hopes and dreams for the new year, but mine is simple to complete the dreams i have already made for this year.
I will be posting some recipes and holiday stuff on here within the next few days.

Happy Holidays,
Yvonne- Marie