Saturday, July 31, 2010

Review on LOVING HUT vegan restaurant

So some of you may know that today i went to Loving Hut well they were awesome the service was great, I was even able to make small talk with the mother daughter team who run the hut.
The place itself is very small their chairs are a bit uncomfortable but the food was amazing.
I went with my long time friend rosey (a non vegan) she ordered a mango smoothy, chicken soup and thai curry. I ordered the mushroom quesadillia and a coconut bubble tea, our apetizer was vegan dumplings ever thing was great tasting and rich  rosey who is a non vegan left nothing on her plate. we practically were enemies over the dumplings im going to try and recreat the dumpling recipie with out frying it some time soon because they were truly delicious.
The loving hut delivers for all of you in nyc on the link about you can check where loving hut is located near you .

Also i have a menu that i will scan at work and place it on here for you to see and view for yourself that everything is vegan friendly.

SURPRISE !!!! i had a chat with the mother daughter team and they gave me the recipie to roseys mango smothie

Mango SmOOOthie
half a mango
1/2 cup of ice
tbl sp of brown sugar (you can change to your liking )
cup of say milk

Hope you go visit the Loving hut soon
<3 yvonne-marie

what im doing now

So yesterday i got to talk to lindsay the author of Happy herbivore  the low fat /fat free vegan diet. she was looking for new vegans to help out and ask questions and state recent trouble they are having during their transistion stage in to veganism. Of course i jumped at this chance because i love her recipies and although i have not tried to make one yet im super excited to try it. Also next weekend i will be able to meet her at one of her HHmeetups they are vegan dinner parties where they talk about their experiences and  speak to new commers and such but all GREAT food will be served and you get to try out or vegan taste buds.
Today with any luck ill be going to LOVING HUT vegan restaurant located at 348 7th ave 29th st NYC its phone number (212) 760-1900. no reservation is needed when i get back from eating there i will give you a full review on the place and hopefully pictures too.
here is the link to the happy herbivore site  she has videos a blog and recipies on her site she even has a chat room and their is an e-mail box if you have any questions.

Another thing i cant wait to do soon is attending BDC (broadway dance center) classes. as you guys know it is my biggest passion and dream right below becoming a heart surgen. i hope i will have a great time taking the classes and get a killer work out.

Some of my tweeters asked me what  website is it i follow when i work out well its this one i love zuzana she is amazing has a killer body and her workouts are made so that you can challenge your self and have a friendly competition with your competitive side.

since im writing .....
Review on DIAYA CHEEESSSSSEEEEE its Delicious! it melts and stretches like regular cheese but it also is the closest to real cheese as it gets ive tried four other faux cheeses and this is definatly the best.

Hope you guys enjoy all the information up on here 

<3 Yvonne-Marie

Thursday, July 29, 2010


So i figured i should tell you a little bit about myself.
I'm currently still in school studying to be a physician assistant. I am very passionate about dance and my sorority RHO THETA TAU. I also as of 7-04-10 became vegan i literally read a book that changed my life i recommend it its great reading it showed me things i never even imagined. Also a friend I made in my transitioning to vegan- ism recommended watching personally i could not get through more that 30 min of the movie and i told my self i must change.
Also I'm a workout aholic i love being active and the natural high that one receives from it. in this blog you will see alot of recipes work out vids and everything i will be doing workouts with you and  showing you my progress for becoming vegan losing weight and saving my heart. and i will also be cooking and setting up videos on here for you to see and follow. this will be a lil about everything blog. i hope you enjoy and if you have any questions for me or just wanna chat you can fine me on twitter .