Thursday, July 29, 2010


So i figured i should tell you a little bit about myself.
I'm currently still in school studying to be a physician assistant. I am very passionate about dance and my sorority RHO THETA TAU. I also as of 7-04-10 became vegan i literally read a book that changed my life i recommend it its great reading it showed me things i never even imagined. Also a friend I made in my transitioning to vegan- ism recommended watching personally i could not get through more that 30 min of the movie and i told my self i must change.
Also I'm a workout aholic i love being active and the natural high that one receives from it. in this blog you will see alot of recipes work out vids and everything i will be doing workouts with you and  showing you my progress for becoming vegan losing weight and saving my heart. and i will also be cooking and setting up videos on here for you to see and follow. this will be a lil about everything blog. i hope you enjoy and if you have any questions for me or just wanna chat you can fine me on twitter .

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