Saturday, July 31, 2010

Review on LOVING HUT vegan restaurant

So some of you may know that today i went to Loving Hut well they were awesome the service was great, I was even able to make small talk with the mother daughter team who run the hut.
The place itself is very small their chairs are a bit uncomfortable but the food was amazing.
I went with my long time friend rosey (a non vegan) she ordered a mango smoothy, chicken soup and thai curry. I ordered the mushroom quesadillia and a coconut bubble tea, our apetizer was vegan dumplings ever thing was great tasting and rich  rosey who is a non vegan left nothing on her plate. we practically were enemies over the dumplings im going to try and recreat the dumpling recipie with out frying it some time soon because they were truly delicious.
The loving hut delivers for all of you in nyc on the link about you can check where loving hut is located near you .

Also i have a menu that i will scan at work and place it on here for you to see and view for yourself that everything is vegan friendly.

SURPRISE !!!! i had a chat with the mother daughter team and they gave me the recipie to roseys mango smothie

Mango SmOOOthie
half a mango
1/2 cup of ice
tbl sp of brown sugar (you can change to your liking )
cup of say milk

Hope you go visit the Loving hut soon
<3 yvonne-marie

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