Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Nursing Filled week

So this week I started my clinical. I was excited nervous and angry. The angry part comes from the fact that I have to wake up super early. Today's post Is all about my week and the craziness I went through.
With clinical beginning I needed a good watch like the one above. I seriously love this thing I have worn it all week . It is comfy not snug at all and the clock is huge and I can see every little number and digit clearly. I was told having a good clinical watch is extremely important , i'm not sure how true that is but if any nursing students have a similar opinion on it please tell me why.
Karim told me on Wednesday that for my birthday he will be getting me an IPAD! I am a tech geek and always want the newest little toy on the block. I usually never spend my own money on the tech stuff I will just wait for a holiday or until the price is at something I can afford. The main reason he is getting this for me and why I am not stoping him from doing so is that it is a great thing to have when your a nursing student.
Here are some links on why others think as a nursing student It would be great to get an IPAD. 
7 reasons why you need a tablet as a nursing studentShould I Get an Ipad for nursing school
Personally my reason is to save time i usually write my notes then  type them that takes double the time to do both things. Time that could be better spent reading over my notes and learning. Plus it would keep me organized.
One of my biggest reasons for getting the IPAD is the APPS I am an index card whore and I also love when I can find things to quiz me here is a link to a discussion about the nursing apps  .

I really liked this Ipad cover for when I get it . Its cute and funny and to be honest I do think medicine and ability to heal others is a super power. If you like the cover and want it to here is where to get it LINK.

Friday  some drug reps came in the office and dropped off two of these cute office supply kits.The cutest thing about it is the tiny stapler I love when they make cute on the go things.
Saturday was a busy day. We had my aunts birthday party , she turned 70, me and karim had some shopping that had to get done. We took a trip to whole foods and trader joes and also to petsmart to get some can foods for reese. before we left to the party we were all so dog tiered (pun intended) we knocked out.
Today I died a little. I woke up at 5 am to get laundry ready, walk the dog, fit in a really short work out, shower, eat breakfast, then i spent about 5 hours at the library only to come home (as i'm writing this) study some more. Tomorrow is week 3 of nursing yes im counting down like a prisoner but for the most part it gets me through the days. Tomorrow should be busy since we have a workshop right after class but I am really excited for this week .
Hope you all had good weeks and hope you get a lot more sleep than I am currently getting (my poor dark circles).

xoxo YMV <3

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