Saturday, August 18, 2012

REFLECTIONS of the week

There is now only a week and a few days between me and school. This week we have our mandatory orientation where they probably will be discussing how they figured out how to torture us for the next two years of our lives. My bio degree was fun crazy but fun somehow considering the massive piles of books for the ONE nursing class i think this degree will not be as fun at all .
 I received this from @generalelectric as a gift for my healthy living. i LOVE IT i did find it a bit confusing at first i was like WHAT 0_o  when it started mentioning all the little things the computer monitoring part tells you. But after a few videos and some light manual reading i got it working fine and i really love it and think its a good think to have if you are trying to lose weight or just monitor your daily intake.

On Wednesday poor REESE Got stuck out in the rain. So did me and my brother. We are now looking for a doggy rain coat.
My mother decided to make an effort and turn the whole house on a healthy spin since all my surgeons and doctors said i had to lose 50 pounds before December.So to show me and the doctors that she means business this time she decided to cook tofu and make a dish all on her own. i know it was fried in a sense but it is still a lot better than what she was cooking before.

Who said Chinese food couldn't be healthy.Well i did once until my friend nia from the Entirely Gorgeous Blog   posted on her Facebook a picture of how she kept Chinese food healthy by ordering things steamed, grilled and sauce on the side. So in the above picture there are steamed veggies 1/2 cup white rice and some setan that i had that i microwaved and placed into the meal. However if you don't have setan you can get grilled chicken or steamed shrimp (if your not a vegan or vegetarian). And for a girl like me who orders out at least twice a week this is a need to know.


 Those strawberries and the bananas below are what i decided to do today I figured my boyfriend is coming over and he really enjoys smoothies and shakes might aw well freeze everything so that it will be fast and yummy. Plus during the week i like to make raw ice cream or a green smoothie so frozen fruit is great to have on hand.

i had so many other picture but this wek my phone decided that it wanted to delete random things and apps off of my phone so I was not able to post any of my pics:(. Once I get my i phone i promise that there will constantly be better quality photos and more of them.
Hope you all had a great week.

xoxo YMV

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