Sunday, August 12, 2012

A reflection of the day

 My day started out with the face with frustration and exhaustion. 
I didnt get much sleep and went over and over the rules and things for the modifications my dietician and doctor gave me for my diet. I love reading about healthy eating and food except of course when its restrictions im given and when its 60 pages long. I will leave that lovely post about my diet and how horrible it is going to be to try and keep it consistent so that my heart medication does not act up for another time.
 Me my brother and my father decided a nice day at the park would be good for us and the dog some fresh air and time away from my computer and his X-Box would do everyone some good.
Reese  had so much fun  playing soccer and chasing after the ball he was awesome.
I will be posting up that lovely blog post about my diet for my heart surgery and disease sometime in the next two weeks because it is currently still being changed. 

Hope you all had a lovely day 
xoxo YMV

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