Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DESIGNER V.S SHELTER & HELP out a shelter with a VOTE

In case you don't already know i recently got a dog.
His name is Reese

Before i actually got my dog i searched and searched thinking i wanted a certain breed or behavior or even energy level . After a few weeks i though i found the perfect pup it was a cute little yorkie i though "OMG perfect" then of course my mother ruined my excitment and said  "$1,300 dollars for what a dog that fits in a purse when there are dogs on the street that need homes." After i thought about what she said it got me thinking  "Crap" shes right. there i was looking for a designer pooch  when my soul puppy was probably in a shelter. I did my research and i found Reese on petfinder. I went to the adoption event at PetsMart and that was it i wanted to take him home right away and just play and give him crazy kisses. I know the decision i made in adopting a dog was way better than buying one from a breeder. and after playing and having the time i have had with Reese i now know that i would never have done well with a yorkie i am too active and a yorkie is not as active as i would like. Reese runs with me and is more active than I am and i really love that.I want to know what your view on adoption and breeding are. Before you let me know please read below the story of Reese and the Shelter because the shelter needs all the votes it can get!

I got Reese from an animal shelter foster family called Animal Life Savers they we awesome through the adoption and all the dogs were kept in foster homes each given attention and love from individual families until they found their forever homes. The community is small and the lady who runs it spends alot of her time traveling back and forth between  the foster homes to get all the dogs ready for adoption events at the PetsMart's near me she does events at two locations. The first location is at the PetsMart in North Bergen  and the one in Secaucus. It is a lot of hard work and takes a lot of time. they are the one main animal shelter /rescue in out area some of the other try and keep as many dogs/cats in their shelters as possible and to prevent the animals from gettting killed Animal Life Savers will try and have to animals who will be going on deaths row fostered by some of their foster families or volunteers. 

I have thought long and hard about becoming a foster home for a dog but i live in an apartment and even though reese has a lot of running room and there is room for another very small dog i just don't know if it would be best for Reese to share a home with another dog . Not yet anyway. I still think i might do it and just specify that it would have to be a very small dog, i don't know what do you guys think?

Animal Life Savers needs HELP they have entered a contest with petfinder.com they need all the votes they can get  the winner receives 300,000 dollars to help their shelter animals. Animal Life Savers does not have a shelter of their own like i said they work off of foster families. So it would be great to have a shelter for the animals to stay at and get round clock care and maybe they would be able to save more animals this way. So if your a dog, cat or just a lover of saving animals please vote. 

To vote click on THIS  it will ask you 
shelter name: Animal Life Savers INC
country : United states
state: New Jersey

click search it will pull up the shelter and vote. 

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