Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A New addition to my life

No karim has not proposed yet (would really like him to do so ) and i did not have a baby. I did however adopt a cute puppy. He was adopted from Animal Life Savers his name is reese he is a Chihuahua, dacshund terrier mix. We have already had him for two months we got him when he was four months.

This was his first week with us he became comfortable right away.
 After i got him we went on a little doggy shopping spree and i got him a few toys and treats this one for some reason seemed to be his favorite
 He loves to go out and play but he is also doing basic obedience training because at some point i want him to become a therapy dog like the ones i use to have when i was in the hospital. It made such a difference to my visit in the hospital i would like to do that for someone else too.
This use to be his favorite toy until he destroyed it now it is a soc monkey he seems to not want to live without. 

Enough of my sharing do any of you have a dog, cat, lizzard, or pet you want to share or have tons and tons of pictures of send me your blogs in the comments and i will check it out. 

xoxo YMV

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