Wednesday, August 15, 2012


No i am definitely not perfect. Not in career, relationships, and in my diet. So If you follow my blog or did before when my writing was constant I hate vegans that are extremely STRICT. And let my be clear not strict with their own diet ( I admire that ) but with everyone else's diet. I have gone to meetups and have spoken to so many vegans & vegetarians that have told me I should not consider my self and animal activist or anything because my diet is always changing. For those of you who don't know i have a genetic heart condition that basically has me on more pills than your grand parents take.   These pills reaction can be altered unfortunately by what i eat. Coumadin (evil drug look it up) can be lowered by anything healthy veggies and fruit usually my favorites. So none-the-less when i cant continue a diet plan or eating plan as i want to it really bugs me when people judge just because its not totally perfect as to how they go about it. I went into vegan/vegetarian diet because of health reasons and because of the same ones my doctor changed the plan and re-routed me back to lean meats and fish. Now that my condition is even more severe and frankly they cant figure out how to give me a consistent diet that wont mess everything up they have me eating mostly vegan/vegetarian and having poultry once or twice a week.

I love raw and vegan food i think it challenges me in the kitchen and makes me activate taste buds that have been hidden for years. but for now i will be doing it 5 days a week. To all the snooty vegheads out their this doesn't take away my love for animals not the desire i have to help them .

That being said my favorite blogger and vlogger posted this on her channel and i think in a sense even though i think her diet is AMAZING. She explains how even other vegans find flaw in her habits and how you don't have to judge yourself and strive to eat and be perfect.

Sorry for the #vegan rant i still love the community i just think we should focus on getting more people on board with our ideas and trying to keep their diets as clean and animal friendly as possible instead of making sure their diets are as close to perfect as possible.

xoxo YMV

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