Saturday, August 25, 2012


I call this "The Iffle Tower of Nursing" this is how many books i will be needing for just 1 class. I am taking two other classes comp2 and sign language 2 sign language should be a fun ride like it was the first time since i have the same professor. Comp2 is online because with nursing i really did not want to spend much a lot of time traveling to classes and stuff and it would make my life easier. I am EXTREMELY nervous about nursing. I am nervous about passing , studying having time for my own health, dog, relationship, and other school work. I have looked up videos from other students and i saw that a lot say having a life is possible but its also difficult so i am a bit worried. Me and karim have been together for 3 years 6 months i stuck with him through his teaching masters and i know he will be by my side but hey a girl worries especially since i don't have a car to go over to him and he is a full teacher now so he will be busy too. If you have any relationship advice on this please give it. Anyway the studying i am prepared for my bio degree seems easy compared to this. and i am just a little bit freaked to be honest about clinicals and the math for meds. I SUCK AT MATH. its no joke i took pre-cal twice and the second time i spent my life with the tutor and teacher. so i am def nervous for the math part and i don't even remember how i got through chemistry.if there are any nursing majors that can give advice on this i would totally love it

Tomorrow is my orientation at the school and I can't wait for it my two close friends got into the school too so we will all be doing it together. I will let you know how that goes.

  So school has officially started orientation was NUTS to say the least we were bombarded with tons of information so much that i am stunned. We also have our first exam (math for meds exam) it is supposed to be just basic math that we will need for clinical. We have three chances to pass the exam before we are allowed to start clinicals. So i started studying these little cards are just of chapters 1 &2 i stil have 3,4,5,6, 13,14, &16 to go lol yes my time is now gone
Speaking of time:

I have NONE. At our orientation our professors spoke to us about time management, which let me tell you is a lot harder than you might think. I had to make sure i had time for not only my nursing class but my writing class and that i had time to study , prep, work, babysit & make time for karim and reese. I was told to also include time for traveling back and forth to school. This school even recommended we get Ipad's because it would be great for studying and less for us to bring to class. I sadly dont have the money for one yet but my birthday is coming up so that will be on my wish list.

There is something I love more than health and sometimes even more than reese (when reese steels my yummies), it is called FOOTBALL! Come on people don't you love football? Well me and Karim are huge JETS FANS and Karim and Kerry (his best friend) got to go to the Jets training camp below are some of the highlights
ok if your not excited i truly am enough for all of us. 

The rest of the week was a mix of studying and work and oh yea some more work. Today I took a study break day and spent it with karim we did alot of running and walking with reese today. tomorrow I will be hitting those books hard.

Hope the rest of your had a great week !

xoxo YMV <3

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