Sunday, August 5, 2012

A body rock challenge?!

Me and karim will be doing a body rock challenge in two weeks. We plan on having all the videos or at least work out moves we like on  a post here on my site once we start the challenge.

If you dont know what body rock is "kick yourself" no just kidding but seriously folks they are free and amazing. Here is their link BODY ROCK!!!! yes they are <---- that amazing.

So what is the challenge? Well me and karim will be competing with each other not on the amount of weight loss but on the progress on how many reps we can do for any video we started with by the end of the month. Me and karim are short on time and i have swim therapy so we plan on doing body rock three times a week for a month . In case your wondering about equipment WE WON'T BE USING AN'Y! We will only be picking videos that use no equipment or where the equipment can be modified easily. Along with this i will be also trying to eat as clean as possible. I will post rules and my diet all when it gets closer to the challenge. In the mean time i would like to know who would like to join us in the challenge we will give you our mfp's (my fitness pal) so we can all encourage one another and also be accountable to each other for doing the workouts.

Let us know.

xoxo YMV <3

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