Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let the Green smoothie challenge begin !

So for those of you who did not get  the rules/ what you have to do for this challenge here you go.

For 90 days  you have to substitute a green smoothie for  a   meal !
The challenge begins 1/10/11

 What am I trying to prove with this?!
I'm trying to see if the hype out there about green smoothies and how they excel weight loss and make people more energized  is true. I'm also curious about how it is going to make me feel.

Now here's a little NOTE I'm not jumping in to this challenge as a bad vegan

definition of a bad vegan: someone who eats fried vegan foods or things that are vegan but are fattening as well Ex: french fries.

so for the past week in a half i have actually been eating better more salads less rice  and just trying to get prepped to eat better and feel better.Mostly because i don't expect the smoothies to just promote weight loss alone it also ties along with a good diet and exercise.

NOTE: when i say green smoothies they don't just have to be the green  breakfast smoothies you all know and love. you can look for raw soups and stuff because those are technically green smoothies they are just thicker and filled with allot more good greens.

I know this challenge might get  even more difficult for me once i move back to school but I'm willing to take the challenge. However when i do F-up I'm going to blog it. Why am i going to blog my faults? well because if not i wont know if it was me who messed up the process or  if the smoothies them selves need to be changed. But mainly because i want to be honest with myself and you guys.

So i hope you all take this challenge with me or at least support me as i do this.

I will be posting weekly what i drank or did everyday so a food and workout log type deal. I will put the recipes in on the days i had them this way you can look at them and use them too on your challenge.

i will also be posting this in my youtube channel so you can see me talk about how i felt the day i did it.

With love

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