Sunday, January 9, 2011

its been a SICK food week

Fever , Sore throat, Headaches ,& ( sorry for the bluntness) vomiting. Can you tell its been my greatest week yet. When i get sick i get Sick for a while and its like hell in the house. Before you all start giving me your recommendation of what to take i must tell you my sicknesses last a while because of my heart problem and the fact that my immune system is Shit! i've had five years of trying everything and nothing works ever so  i just stay sick and sulking. This time i felt the need to say F it before i go back to school i need to fig out how I'm going to live there and be vegan i refuse to go back to pizza everyday and looking at salad like it was the devil.
so ive had an eventful cooking week i did a video in all my sick glory. Ive had several people ask me about this salsa and so long as no one tells my mother the recipe I'm more than happy to share it with you all.
{place video here}

yea so wasn't that just a yummy salsa good thing is when i don't want salsa or when i need a dressing quick i just process this up and it makes the most awesome dressing EVER!

so this week has been the week of tea experiment.
i put mint into everything cut up lime pieces and boiled them in the water. btw Theraflu is good, it didn't work for me but it was good.
the ginger tea was a bit to spicy ,yea i know i just said spicy with tea.

so the rest is food PORN its what Ive had for lunch breakfast and dinner for most of the week.

And in all my sick pride i did a video because several people requested my recipe for my salsa so here you go !

So i know this is a bit late since this was like last week or something but i got most of my cooking desires out. And have decided to continue experimenting in my kitchen.

With love
Ps: you should check out this link INTERVIEW WITH DAVID about how I became vegan !The segment on this page is called Real people so if you would like to share your story let him know.
BTW the Green smoothie challenge starts tomorrow!

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