Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New year !!!!

so im very welcoming to the New friggin year :). and tonight to celebrae im letting you see what i have done this week things that have gone on and a recipe YAY!. I want to know what is your resolution  and how you plan to follow it. I hope everyone had a safe night and if your like me and my crazy family your night is still going. To many latin traditions.
Enjoy !

My house has been the hot spot for FLAN! if your vegan you dont eat this typicall because the whole thing is made with eggs (i dont eat it but i know there is a vegan flan recipe i shall post later on some day ) but my mom since christmas has made 15 Friggin Flans!!! so i took a few pics.

Recipe My recipe for New years resolution smoothie

Recipe 2 Candy vanilla glazed Butternut squash

Hope you have a great new years day
with love Yvonne-Marie

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