Sunday, January 30, 2011

an update and a shopping binge

Hello everyone i feel like i have not been on in quite some time. However this is not true i have just been doing videos instead on YouTube.

if you want to see how my 90 day challenge is going and how I'm feeling here is a link  to my video:

 There are other updates and things on my channel that you can check out.

 so to show you what i have been having for dinner here is a bunch of pictures i have gathered up just to show you all what i make in my little dorm and what i have them make in our cafeteria.

This is a  tofu scramble that is seriously delicious  so yummy:)
tofu stirfry i took some rice and some of my frozen carrots and peas and mixed it with some of my tofu scramble and got some soy sauce and made this. This was truly delicious i must say my brother who is over today had some of this and loved it (yes there are some left overs)
speaking of my brother here he is. he had been sitting in that chair playing the xbox all day and night. Our poor youth will never know the greatness of games like bingo, mancala, poker and apples to apples its sad i know.

a roasted veggies in whole wheat pannini with some baby spinach with Italian dressing and some tea.

another stir fry  with snap peas this was so good i love the crunch of the snap peas :)
my cafe has a bunch of bananas, oranges, and apples so every now and then i bring my lunch box and take some up to the room its very awesome :)
i bought a very big bottle  to put in my gym bag for watter and sometimes for my green smoothies. 50 % of the earnings they make from the bottles goes to cancer  research.
i also bought three headphones from skull candy  one for me, my brother, and my boyfriend.  i love them they are AMAZING i recommend !
This is another thing i bought which i have to say might be my second favorite thing i bought besides the headphones. its a Starbucks cup. However at the bottom it has a mixer. i got this for my green smoothies. When i pour them in and keep them in the fridge  some times they separate and look icky so i can lift up the mixer part of the cup and mix everything and my green smoothie is fresh and yummy again. The real use for this cup is to mix coffee.

So some other things that have gone on this week are a storm and some funny things below are some videos from my channel on what has gone on  in my dorm and in my life (hope you enjoy )
Hope you enjoyed my brief update there will be much more to come:)

with love

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