Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 1 of Green Smoothie Challenge! 1/10/11

B-fast: Kiwi Cockkale smoothie
Luch: seitan salad with guac dressing
Dinner: salad with rice and some gapingachos

after breakfast like an hour later i felt super hungry.
i did a 30 min hip hop abs workout, and went for a mile walk with a friend later on in the day before dinner.
B-fast: The elixir to health
Lunch: seitan sandwich with tomatoes and letuce
Dinner: salad with guac dressing and some sun flower seads.

i had a bit of trail mix 30 min after breakfast and was not hungry at all till lunch. I felt energized and  was more awake. i did a short workout just a few moves since i had a busy busy day.
B-fast: Korean Green Juice
Lunch:Vegan grilled cheese with a side salad with italian dressing
i had nothing after breakfast and was full and energetic seriously my mom wants to slap the hyper out of me i danced at the studio for an hour worked on coreography and im currently still trying to add classes into my schedual im packing and making sure everythin is ready for me going back to school. I cant wait :). I think my typing even seems hyper to day but my juice today was awesome my mother things im nuts for  wanting to bring my juicer to school but at this rate looks like green juice is going to be my crack at school in place of starbucks :) god things i know.

B-Fast: Korean Green Juice
Lunch:salad with some tofurky sausage
Dinner: rice and some left over tofurky sausage
no workout busy packing blogging and doing videos before i went to school
B-Fast: blue print cleanse juice step five from starter kit
Lunch:vegan grilled cheese with a banana
Dinner: veggie dumplings with soy sauce and some asian sprouted onions
 today was a bit of a busy day i have to go some launfry and finish my paper a bit also i did not work out it was a rough day.

B-fast: I caved ! no juice or smoothie today mostly because there are no more greens in my house. but also because i didnt sleep last night check out my Beacause i want to SCREAM for the full story but im a bit down from yesterday and i have alot to do. pack, finish paper get ready for the party. YES MY MOTHER WINS I HAVE TO GO TO THE DAMN BIRTHDAY PARTY.  so i kind of took a nap at like 10 and just woke up to add this in here today . so for breakfast im having toast with peanutbutter. GOD's gift to me.

Lunch: probably trail mix with a banan with peanutbutter.

dinner: I HAVE NO CLUE because im going to the family but honestly probably a salad with some beans on it and some yuca.

for sunday ill probably do a recap for next week since sunday im going to be moving back into my dorm yes ABSOLUTE FREEDOM. and hopefully ill have a video to show you all soon of the dorm and the people living in it.

o ps ill have
hope you all have a fun and safe weekend
with love


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