Thursday, January 27, 2011

week 3 of 90 day challenge

this  is from Monday to Thursday only because  i felt it would be easier to do it this way this week.
Breakfast: Green juice from this video
Lunch: a salad with a veggie burrito honestly i was really hungry  i just felt like stuffing my face lol but the juice did hold me off for quite a bit.

Dinner: plain lo mien

So today was awesome i ran 2.68 mi on the elliptical this time and i walked 1.30 mi then i went back to my room and did abs and stretched everything. I had a busy day filled with classes and homework and working out but it was extremely awesome.

breakfast ginger apple juice (green juice)

lunch : veggie sushi (it was awesome)

dinner: a roasted veggie panini (was not as good as advertised on the menu at the cafeteria)

so i had to share with you guys that I'm currently doing a small check list where i highlight the things that i think are really really important to do that day and the things that aren't i leave un highlighted. This so far has been working out pretty well.
i also made dinner for the rest of the week for me and the hubby. tofu stir fry with rice and some frozen veggies it is so yum i wish i could eat it right now. Oh and before i leave the trader Joe's packets of trail mix are addicting its insane how good they are.

Breakfast : ginger apple juice (green juice)

Snack: trail mix


Dinner: Brussels sprouts  with some earth balance and veggie pizza

 today was a busy horrid day too much snow we literally have a blizzard outside.

Breakfast: vegan pancakes and toast

Lunch stir fry

dinner: ramen noodles with some nutritional yeast

today sucked seriously it was  a very snowy day i helped my roommates take their cars out here is a pic of how high the snow is around here.
today i shoveled for three hours so this was my workout since school and my yoga class were canceled. I have also decided that my dream of owning a hummer is now done since if it ever snows i cant even reach the top of a regular car. I'm upset by this but i must be practical lol.

its been a long night and I'm tempted on having some vegan ice cream oooo the things i should not do. Well i hope the weather by you guys is better.

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