Monday, January 24, 2011

week 2 of 90 day challenge

Sorry its  a day late

Lets just say i dont remember

todaywas a great productive day  felt awesome:)
breakfast :oranges and apples smoothie

lunch: a salad with italian dressing

dinner: whole wheat pene with pesto with some water

today i went to the gym and ran 2.22 miles in 35 minutes this to you might be like wow your super slow but to me it is a miracle that i could even go on the eliptical this long without passing out.  After i worked out i had a protiene juice of just bananas and water for post workout strength this was awesome. i feel a hundred and one percent awesome.

wednseday :
ok so today so far is kind of a bad ehhh day today is my long day with no breaks really so i decided to have a big  breakfast no smoothie or juice today sadly since i figured it was going to be a long long day. I had  a crosant and some fruit.

 since my class got canceled :D  i had a banana and apple smoothie with some water.

dinner: for dinner im having some whole wheat pasta with brocoli and garlic.
today is no workout day because i dont really have time even tho my class was canceled im using today to look up the books i need and just do some work.

Today is my off day and yes im greedy about it its a day for me and only me i still have an early class but after i have nothing else. I schedualed yoga  in the afternoon to relax me and destress me from all the crazy stupidity that is my major. I also have karim day today where i spend time with my boyfriend its usually on fridays but this friday i had planned something else but after this friday it goes back to friday karim days and thursdays shall be our gym days and study days and fridays are our together days :)
so yoga was Painful and AMAZING!!! im glad im doing this class it was awesome and it was like a major massage to my back and it was abit of a challenge to me  but very very worth it.Also i went to the gym with my boyfriend  i ran 2 miles :) after i had carrot juice i feel so alive!!!!

Breakfast: Naked berry juice ( yes i was lazy decided not to blend anything so i bought a juice so that i would have at least one juice)

Lunch:  a salad with some whole wheat bread on it and chickpeas.

Dinner:stir fry  rice and peppers and potatoes here is a piture of it.

breakfast: and apple and some pb
lunch: salad with some corn on the cob well two of them
Dinner rice beans and  some eggplant

Breakfast:  a banana smoothie with 2 bannanas vanilla  and some soy milk :) yum
lunch: crackers with some salsa and an orange.
Dinner: gapingachos and  some garlic roasted green beans

Breakfast: Vegan pancakes
lunch: nothing i was at the mall and whole foods running like a maniac with out a head.
Dinner: veggie dumplings YUM

With love


  1. sounds like you're doing great and being healthy:) Sending much love and good vibes your way!

  2. I praise people who love eating healthy! Yay!