Friday, January 14, 2011

I turned into a kitty

Now literally lol. But i did enter a contest where i had to  do a cat look. I'm not all to good with makeup but when i do it i do try to make it fun and actually try to make it look like i did something. Now at first i wanted to do a look like from the Broadway show cats but then i realized it was 12:30 at night and not possible. So then i thought about my aunts cats and crated this. The contest was run by Veggiebeauty on YouTube. She is cruelty free and awesome you guys should check her out. She also has another channel  that she tags check them out too its a whole channel dedicated to all the  beauty gurus who are cruelty free.
please tell me what you think of the entry i might do another one I'm not sure yet but i wanted to see what people thought of this one.

O before i forget the color i dyed my hair was back to its original color of dark brown.
Hope you have a wonderful day
With love Yvonne-Marie

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