Thursday, January 13, 2011

"korean Green" Green Juice

Hello so I'm super energetic this morning i might have allot to do with my breakfast juice. Yes this time i did not really use the blender. Before i show you pictures & give you the recipe i must tell you that the one  veggie i Absolutely hate is included in this juice. Celery i really hate celery it smells gross and taste gross even with peanut butter.But non the less we have a bunch of it in the house and  i have seen many many juices that include it so here you go .
Korean Green

What you will need :
8 leafs of: kale
2 stalks of: celery
2 Korean apples
1 banana
1/3 cup of water

Pictures of the ingredients

Get out your Juicer o yes the one time I actually use it this week.
so in your juicer  start putting the  kale and the celery.
Once the  kale and celery  is juiced put in the Korean apples in the juicer and juice away.
now put all this juice in   a pitcher because it makes quite a bit.
Now take out your blender . Yea yea i know i cant live with out blending something tell me something new people. So place your banana and water in there and blend away till its almost milk like. I think this is how you make banana milk i have heard that its very energizing and a great post workout  drink.
then after blending combine in your pitcher and mix together. Then finally enjoy.

Now i must say that  at first i didn't want to  drink it because of the celery but now i realize  its Awesome and you barely taste the celery so its awesome. It doesn't even taste earthy at all and no added sugar YAY! its awesome I'm super happy about this. And i must say that the Korean apples let out so much juice its ridiculous :)

With love

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