Thursday, December 30, 2010

finally i got some food and a farewell to 2010

So everything i have to say is in this video I hope everyone has a Happy and safe New Year. There will be pictures to come from my new year and a special salsa and dressing recipe Vegan style! and since New Years is a huge event in my house there will be a cooking storm coming and so many juice recipes in the new year. Also everything i learn about raw food and super food powders and just everything else will be included in all of my blogs from now on.

My New Years resolution: to lose 50 pounds by June (seriously hoping here) to become great friends with my coach , and to just be able to learn more about my body and the things that are going in it. Also to get better grades this semester and make sure i learn to say no to my friends when i have to.

please share your resolutions and the things you hope to see here and learn from the blog.

As i learn you shall learn too!

With <3 Yvonne Marie


  1. Omg.. 50 pounds by June!! that's a lot. I want to lose 30 and people say that's a lot.

    But when I think about it..
    I want to lose that much by may... lol
    but good luck

  2. thanks lindsay :)
    and yea i konw its alot but i heard of pepl losing alot more on that on raw diets alone, I'mgoing to be trying to accomplish this in months and through vigerous exercise and vegan/raw eating