Monday, December 27, 2010

hope you had a great christmas/ update on life

Hello everyone i know it may seem i have been neglecting everyone in a while but i have not just been busy with the jist of school and nonsence. This semester was bad so many bad and good things happened its seemed almost like i had no time for anything at all. i learned alot from this mistake i refuse to make this mistake again. and i hope everyone learns that school comes first. F your friends and loved ones because when they graduate your still there. And if your still there your family will soon become un-supportive. Here is my reaction to finals week i hope you enjoy my little rant. (You can basically see the lack of sleep in my eyes) just click on the link bellow to see the video (oh and subscribe to the channel :) )

My litle Rant on Finals!

Also i would love to say a late Happy holidays to everyone hope you all had a wonderful christmas . Mine was not the most how do i put it lightly "MERRiest of Christmases " . My Family was very very horrible this christmas i was completely peeved at them my mother basically starved me for three days i survived off or peta chips , naked juice & some fruit . So you know i was mad we Usually have three huge meals christmas eve dinner, christmas breakfast & christmas dinner. Christmas eve dinner was a frozen meal they basically locked me out of the kitchen and made fun of me the whole night for being vegan. They critisized me for my decision and told me i was not a true latina because i did not eat Meat! Then christmas morning my father new that if i did not eat more there would be hell to pay when mother dear went on vacation. so he made some vegan pancakes and went out and got some fresh fruit for me to juice in my new juicer. Christmas dinner on the other hand was yet another frozen dinner wonderful family i have dont I.

On a good note on the 26th my "not really family but we consider them family AUNT" has an after christmas ,Christmas party and can i just say Not real family is better than real family. They made vegan lasagna and vegie empanadas i had rice and beans garlic whole wheat bread and for dessert my god mother baught So Delicious ice cream.

{pics from the fam party}

I got a juicer for x - mas :)

So What i have learned is im going to start saving and looking for a real job as opposed to the school job that barley pays, and that everything i buy im going to freeze for a rainy or family gathering day. I would also like to ask if you have any recipes that you know the ingredients are in a regular kitchen or they are cheap please place them below and i will blog in your behalf on it but there are other vegans like me who need the help and might not have the time to go searching through every blog.

Thank you for reading, viewing, and supporting the blog.

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With <3 Yvonne- Marie

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