Thursday, December 2, 2010

Welcome to my santa’s blowout giveaway! I have over 140 in products to be given away, and depending on how successful the event is, more products might be added. The products for sure being given away include:
1. a scoopfree automatic litter box. (normally retails for 139.95, now 99.00)
2. a bolt laser toy, for cats.(free with above litter box, normally 19.95
3. A glee gum make your own chocolate kit. (13.00)
4. a $25 gift card to (25.00)
Such awesome gifts! One person will receive all of the items above.
IF I get up to at least 1,000 GFC followers (I currently have 942) And up to 325 facebook ‘likes’ (I’m currently at 273) AND at least 350 total feecburner users (Email, rss, google reader, etc. I’m currently at 280) then I will add these items of my own, shown in picture below. If those stats aren’t reached then they won’t be added. Each of these items will go to a separate winner.

1)The imposter by kip kreiling. An inspirational book about a how a juvenile criminal went on to succeed in business and life. See it on amazon Here
2) Think twice by lisa scottoline. This book is an advanced readers edition that isn’t fully edited but the entire story is included. The cover is different than the one shown. View it on amazon Here. Us only.
Check out the rest of this giveaway at 

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