Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm happy its VEGAN friendly !!!

Here is the video for some of you who  would rather see the video than  read the blog its self.


Hello Bloggers ,
  So this weekend i went home just for pretty much one day it was not even a full 24 hours. But my brother wanted me to go with him to New York and i had agreed the previous weekend that i would so  i decided to go and use this weekend as a look through stuff and find some vegan replacements. My brother came into some early Christmas money and decided to share he is a charming little brother i must say.
Isn't he just adorable!

So to give him the credit  I am giving him a little bit of space  on this blog post. Isn't he cute just shopping for comic books.
K i guess i shall start with what i bought today.
AMAZING vegan friendly deodorant  that smells awesome but it is a bit pricey ($18.50) but it is worth it. Take it from the cheapskate. The brands name is LAVANILA.

The next one is actually a product that i have heard of for a bit but i was hesitant in purchasing it because i was not sure if id like it the product is called NAKED its all natural juice made from actual fruits and veggies YUM! It was very good only I'm sad i did not buy a second bottle. 

The next product i have I have been using for a while  I'm OBSESSED with it. This product gives me  just  enough menthol to keep my lips cute and fresh. The companies name is ......CO.Bigelow  . I didn't buy any of their products today but i did get some earlier this month. 

Ans my last product that I'm so sad i did not buy today because this is defiantly my favorite lip balm ever is by none other than the best company ever..... Seriously i love this company .....(drum roll please ) AVEDA. This product is a bit pricey but sooooooooooo worth it!

All the other things i bought on this trip are bellow the hat i got at Forever21 and the jewelry i got at a little store in time square. 

thanks for reading and viewing :)
Happy Holiday shopping!!!!! remember shop (eco- friendly)


  1. Very cool! I just added stuff to my shopping list! That LaVanila looks fab but, you're right.. holy pricey! :)

  2. o yea its really pricey but since i have used it my underarms really feel conditioned. im gonna try and check out some other deodorants too