Thursday, December 9, 2010

An update on life

I am in the middle of the worst two weeks ever... FINALS  its really horrible. I have three and actually yesterday  i just finished my first one and (patting my self  on the back) i Passed ! so my life has kind of been like this.
This was on Monday night i had a cup of tazo tea to relax my self cuz  was pretty much freaking out and stressed with everything i had to do.
Tuesday morning i had this for breakfast and then prepared half of it with some agave nectar and left it in the fridge for dessert.  This fruit is not an apple and its not a pear  my dad calls it "apple-pear" he gets them from this korean store we usually go to for our exotic fruit. it was really yummy and  juicy it was a unique flavor i have never experience and i was so happy i got to .
However yesterday was crap my final was yesterday and i was in panic mode so i had to get out of my dorm before i killed something or someone i just needed some quite open space to think.  i brought lunch with me "pb&j" and i bought two naked juices  the one you see there and a green machine which was awesome :).  and i also had a passion fruit tea from starbucks. i spent hours at the library but it was so worth it.

i know this is such a short post but it is finals week i hope everyone going through finals gets great grades good luck :)

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