Monday, August 8, 2011

On a Happier update

So my comeback might of been a bit depressing (ok it was depressing). But lets try and make this a much more happier post.

So like i said earlier i will be logging what i plan to do all week (idea stolen from fitchickinthecity) i personally love her idea of this i feel that it will keep me going to the gym and motivate me.

-so far this week Karim's car got broken into and his laptop was stolen. Yes i know this is bad news but we have had bad crap happen to us all summer that now it realize getting through these hurdles are what make us stronger. So i gave him my net book he will finish his graduate thesis and he has an Interview tomorrow !!! YAY! maybe we will live together soon after all.

-I have finished all the transferring to my new school so now i'm playing the waiting game but if all goes well i shall graduate in a semester :) can you tell how excited i am (ill finally be getting paid for working with restless patients )

- I am finally paying my own bills. Some of you are probably thinking "how the heck is this good news" well it is i'm glad i'm learning how to fix and handle things on my own. In reality not having a job and learning how to pay bills is a real damper on a kid when they are trying to move out.

- My brother is back he went on a mini vacation to Virginia. He had come back 2inches taller and so much darker.

- My lovely cousin Niki turned 16 YAY!! two years shy of  being legal.

Blogs I'm loving this week:
Love veggies and yoga - So this lady really is awesome to read about and her pictures (of food) are amazing. I love reading about her travels and especially the yummy food she makes.

Fit chick in the city: i have recently been catching up with all of the blogs and she is the one that i cant seem to wait for her to post. And shhh but i secretly hope i can see her on the street on NYC since she is so close to my area . I find her to be a great go to gal for fitness tips and advice on running.

(ps: some blogs might be on here every week)

Say it do it!
This little list or schedule is taken from Fitchickinthecity's blog. Where you write out what you plan to do this week and try to accomplish all of it. No one will scorn you if you cant complete all of it but remember its for your own benefit.

So this week i plan to hopefully do the following.

Monday: dance for an hour (actual choreography and stretches) did this already ...yes!
Tuesday: 30 min of elliptical and ab work. (trying out the gym by my house before i switch from NYHR ..ill miss them so:( ....)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 30 min elliptical, 30 minutes weights and a Pilates class
Friday: walk/swim
Saturday: swim 50 laps
Sunday: rest
Hopefully i get all these in!.

What do you have planned for your week?

Stay tuned videos and review will be coming oh so soon :)
Hope you all have a happy week!

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  1. Aw, you're too sweet! Maybe we'll run into each other soon.

    Have a great week and enjoy sweating it out during your workouts!