Thursday, August 4, 2011

a small but sure as ever Comeback

Hello Bloggies,
I know i know where the hell have a i been. So its been a very rough year and boy do i have lots to tell you all.
In brief ( or summary list form ):

Had major surgery
Went through a bit of depression (because me and karim almost broke up)
School Drove me crazy along with the crazy study hours i was pulling.
Was on search for a job
Money issues in the home front (meant no blogging or internet access that i could depend on for a while)
Found a job ( I now work for Blue Print Cleanse)
Slowly am buying myself a home gym
Working on Changing/ Introducing a wave i'm trying to work on this blog.
May be doing a lot of Giveaways.
And last but not least (trying to help karim find a job so we can move in together)

Well now that all that nonsense is out there lets get to the blog. So basically I am still going to keep it up and running with yummy vegan recipes and what I'm eating. I have found that by writing everything i do and eat down this really helps (advise my counselor told me ). So i recently bought a small journal from borders (before they were closing down ) and I've been writing in it ever since. This has motivated me along with BExlife on YouTube that i should really start recording everything i do to make myself feel better and look better. I will be doing tons of product review i will try my best to keep this blog up and running when school starts and when i have work.
Let me know your suggestions.

Thank you all for this very brief but very much so a Come back post.
There will be more post to follow I'm just working on it.


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