Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'm picking up and Moving forward you should join me!

I have grown up on this blog a lot I think. Scattered thoughts and fun adventures here along with my youtube channel but as my life moves into another chapter of career and progress so do I. I have moved my blog to here is the link 13unbeatablehearts . You will notice it is much cleaner and well I hope it will be more me than this blog has been right now. Nothing against blogger at all they have been good to me can't complain I would just like to move on forward. If your a follower here I hope you move on with me to my new page I promise there will be a bunch of fun new things coming your way. Crazy adventures new recipes and some good old laughs.

In case your wondering why I changed the name:
When I first started my original blog I was a lot younger 18 years old. Now I am 22 and life has changed so much from them, I am still with the guy I was dating when I started this blog and that is a blessing. I have gone through so many health changes, mental changes and relationship changes. 13 to be exact. When I was 5 I wanted to be thirteen so bad I would tell my mother that once I was thirteen I would stop dancing and no more piano practice ( yes I was a brat). Then by the time I was thirteen I had already had several heart procedures a leaking lung and had a busier schedule than most of my adult friends do now. My thirteenth birthday was a milestone for me, doctors though I would be dead before my thirteenth birthday because of how bad m heart was. Needless to say My stubbornness comes from deep within somewhere because I was always more active than the other kids who I  had met in the cardiac unit. From age 13 to 21 I have had so many more procedures and hospitalizations that by looking at my chart you would probably think I was 60 years old.
My doctor would joke that I was probably immortal because I am not exactly the best patient. I don’t like to take my medications (because of the side effects) I do all the activities I am not allowed to do (running, drinking, lifting heavy weights). Like I said I am stubborn. However despite the fact that I just don’t listen I was never as ill as I was supposed to be.
Now a days I am being a bit more cautious taking my meds, trying to take care of my body, and trying to refrain from as many harming activities as I can ( so now I only go drinking every once in a while).
I’m sure by now you got the message about why the name of the blog. What sparked the change originally was someone asked me about what the blog was about. Me being silly said health fitness life and all my quirkiness and she said “really I wouldn’t of thought about that from the name”. My eyes must of popped out of my head because she followed it up with ” well It just sounds like a self absorbed name almost like a beauty blog name. After this convo I began to think about the blog and how I have been on and off with it. I decided I will try to keep up with the blog and if I cant write to make it only a two week gap. Having my name and my favorite numbers as the name of my blog was all nice and awesome when I was younger but now it is time to give it a little more meaning.

I hope to have a lot more life changing moments down the line and now with the new and improved blog I hope to make you all part of them too.

this page will stay open for another week or o then i will be shutting it down.

xoxoYMV (see you on the other side)

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