Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June quarterly SHOUTOUT! Blog and Website

Yes, I just committed to the word quarterly, and yup fully aware that means that four times a year I have to post a blog shouting out websites, blogs, and possibly followers who I think deserve a shout out. (boy is that a long sentence or what ) Okay bloggers I realize I just said I am becoming more obsessive compulsive about my career path and school and life in general ( I am still sticking to this). Blogging to me is a part of my life that well, just makes me happy. With the craziness of school, work, reese & karim, I haven't had time for myself. I tried the whole you tube thing link<3* , but I really don't like the camera and checking my wording and grammar on here is enough ( and lets admit my writing won't be in a book anytime soon). So I will be reading more blogs, websites and general articles that interest me. Of course as an effect to my constant reading I will too be posting up my own writings on health wellness, recipes, school, savings, crafts, and general day to day things.

Now that the long intro to this post is OVER, lets get moving. Down below are shout outs to websites bloggers, tweeters, and general writers who in the last few years, months, & weeks have made reading a little bit more exciting.

They are a blog, community, & a killer site. Me and karim have had our many ups & downs and the moderator/ owner of this site (martin) has been giving me advice that has saved us on many an account. He (martin) has also keeps me conscious of myself and it's nice to have a guy who isn't your boyfriends friend or your own brother way in on relationship issues.They are slowly building up a community that is freindly and filled with a ton of helpful people who have all gone through their own experiences with it comes to relationships, dating, families, and life. So If you even find yourself in a relationship rut check out this site become a member and I can promise you will leave a little more confident on what step or move to make next into bettering your relationships. Plus the people are great!

2nd: MeloMeals:
OMG this blog is amazing. Besides the pornography of food the recipes are amazing and the budgets they are made with are awesome. I started reading this blog way back when I was just first getting into being vegan, obviously you don't have to be vegan to appreciate Melody's blog. Here is a link<3* to her latest post. I have personally tried to make a few of her dishes and they have blasted the minds off my taste buds.

3rd: IT'S A TIE!!!!!!!!
TheZenofMaking (TZM) : I can go on and on and on about her. She is witty spunky and just plain old awesome. I even got to meet her a while back when I was just starting off on being vegan at a happy herbivore meet up, before Lindsay exploded all over the inter webs and became the book writer, recipe maker she is today. Haley is a vegan yes, but this isn't why I love her blog. She is a craft junky, she makes really cute things and has awesome step by step tutorials that help the helpless of all (example me ) get through even the toughest of projects. Here is my favorite tutorial by her the "pillow case pencil skirt" I love this one because it takes something everyday and makes it into something you can wear and its easy to do. The vibe of her blog is fun and active. I don't know about you but I hate going onto crafts blogs where everything is tutorial after tutorial. I love it when they sit down have a cup of joe and tell you how everything in life is going and then get down to the "how to"  of the tutorial.

Relove Planet: I love magazines and reading books, I also enjoy reading blogs. I find many a blog (example mine at certain times) have no direction or they just haven't found what topic to stick to. Well this is not the case with this girl. Bianca  runs a blog that well  the name of the blog says it all. She is an activisit, not just for animals but the planet (like the name). She goes into current events says the things you are too afraid to say yourself all while keeping a calm and knowledgeable voice. She also has a number of motivational post that on my worst day pick me up. Here is her current motivational Mondays post link<3* . If you could ever imagine  a person who was just all around trying to do good for no benefit but the benefit of others well that's Relove Planet.

4th  (But absolutely NOT least ) BEXLIFE
I hope that when I get a little older and have my kids that I turn out to be as awesome as this lady. (no offense mom, love you just not the life style of the crazy Spanish food) Her blog is much like her personality, fun, vibrant & energetic. She is really into green living and growing and making everything your self. She even has a chicken coop to show for it. I started following her on you tube. Her advice is though out and she doesn't speak with out really researching  the topic out first which I  love because a lot of bloggers don't do this. She is a fitness guru and yoga instructor who in my opinion looks great, to be honest when I first started following her videos I though she was only three years older than me (that would be now 26). If you need adivce on what to do in a yoga move or how to maintain a green environment friendly life she is your girl.

The shout out of the websites. : 
this site has almost everything you could need if your getting into crafting. but its also great if your searching for handmade gifts or quality items. Recently (since I am getting into sewing ) I found that you can purchase good quality fabric for a very good price. HOLY MOLY if you haven't discovered this place you will be glad you did now. Are you a thrift shopper? I am , and if you love shopping and thrift shopping but can't get to a location as frequently as you would like, or if your just simple low on funds this is your new holy grail. They have an awesome set up, you sign up with your personal size and style and 2nd hand goods from other people come up. Some poshmarkers are even happy to trade with you. The prices are AMAZING for the quality of the product. 

 This 1st post of the Shout out quarterly has come to its end I hope to check out a ton of other blogs and sites. In the mean time I hope you check out the ones I mentioned above. 

Here are the twitters to the awesome bloggers:

Geek and Jock: Twitter

MeloMeals: Twitter

ReLove Planet: Twitter

TheZenofMaking: Twitter
BexLife: Twitter

Until another late night get some rest, have some fun and keep blogging. 
xoxo YMV


  1. Wow oh wow!
    Thanks so so much for the shoutout, Yvonne.
    You have no idea how good it feels knowing we make a difference to our followers.
    Thanks heaps and we are really looking forward to you writing some blog posts on our site too.

    Maybe some of your followers might like to do the same as well - everyone is welcome.

  2. Thanks martin and I will be letting the social media world (well my small world) know about geek & jock.

  3. This is so sweet, thank you so much for sharing and your super kind words :) I wish I had seen this sooner!
    Wishing you all the best! xo