Saturday, September 25, 2010

The 22-Minute, 270-Calorie-Burning Swim

So some of you may know I love swimming its my second passion other than dance. So i found this on /in  FITNESS mag  my fave mag ever (there is the link to  the fitness mag page).  I have yet to try it but it is amazing so i do of course recomend it to all those who want to explore swimming and who just want to burn more calories.  This is my girft to all of you on my b-day :)
Hit the pool to burn off nearly 300 calories fast with these swimming workout drills.
From the editors of Fitness magazine

Hit the pool and burn close to 300 calories in just 22 minutes with this workout from Dave Thomas, USA Swimming sport-development consultant in Colorado Springs. Performing drills in the water is the best way to improve form and prevent boredom. This routine is based on a 25-yard-long pool lane; we've given times to shoot for, but go at your own pace. If needed, take 20-second rests between each segment.

Stroke                            Lengths        Minutes

1. Freestyle                        4                    2

2. Alternate freestyle            8                    4
      and backstroke

3. Use a kickboard               4                    4

4. Freestyle using a               4                     2
pull buoy floating device held between legs

5. Repeat #2                         8                      4

6. Your favorite stroke           8                     4
     (moderate pace)

7. Sprint (favorite stroke)         2                    1

8. Freestyle (cool down)           2                   1

Happy swimming

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