Monday, September 20, 2010

Shake up your FALL makeup

well guys  i know i have not done anything cosmetic wise  however i will start very soon doing this. so the blogg is going under construction so if u dont get new blog posts please excuse me because im back in the flow of classes work and everything else and on my free time (when i have some ) i  do my blogging for the week.
So today some of you may know that my favorite season is FALL ! why ? because its sweatshirt and hoodie season also my birthday is comming up soon and its just a great season.
I have decided to postup makeup tips for the fall season.

Try plum or navy

Jewel-toned liners make you nervous? Plum or navy is a good compromise. "The hint of color makes your irises more vivid without being over the top," says New York City makeup artist Carmindy, who's always up on all of the best beauty products out there. Draw a thin line along the roots of the upper lashes, then gently smudge the color with a brush or your finger to soften the look and make it smokier.

Try griege polish

The love child of gray and beige, griege is the shade of the season. "It has a trendy edge, but it's totally neutral and wearable," says Sarah Lucero, a makeup artist with Stila. Plus, it's low maintenance. "Chips won't be glaring like they are on dark, vampy nails," says Lucero. Paint two coats onto short, rounded tips for a cool look that won't raise eyebrows at work.

Try a burgundy lip stain

Think of burgundy as red's hipper younger sister. "Like red, it's seductive and feminine, but it's more mysterious," says makeup artist Jillian Dempsey, Avon's global creative color director. Use a lip stain because it will last longer.

hope you enjoyed these
yvonne -marie

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