Sunday, November 21, 2010

dye your hair say what!!!

First off here is my first video its a welcome one kind of and i say what im going to be talking about today.

so the company i mentioned is called 
Special Effects
they are a vegan friendly company although their colors are not any that i would wear i know there are teen vegans and even some artsy vegans who  like to dye their hair different colors. 

From personal experience if you  use a little of the electric blue or you know add it in to your black hair dye you kind of get a blue black color that is actually very very amazing. i have done it before and so has my close friend nia. Of course neither of us have used this product but its about the same color. 
These are just some examples from google. 
I believe the second example is kind of a highlight thing but it looks very nice.

For those of us who like a more natural look to our hair and just a change from solid to solid this is  what i found.  VEGI Hair Dye, Herbal Tint, Aubrey  

While i was on the search for vegi hair dyes i found a store that not only has vegan friendly hair dye but everything vegan beauty .MANIC PANIC & in NYC 

Hope you guys enjoy this and if i find any more vegan friendly hair care i shall post about it :)


  1. <3 the vid. :)

    where could i find this product?

  2. okay so I want to dye my hair like the girl on the 1st pic can someone please tell me the name of that blue bcuz im doing it professionally .....Thank You. (=

  3. what exact colour is used on the top picture? x

  4. wow i know its late but i think it is the first blue you see in that pallet but like with a black undertone you know