Sunday, November 28, 2010

A sunday Update!!!

Ello everyone how yall doing this Sunday. As you can tell i'm in a good mood.  So i have decided I'm just going to stand up to my fear of vids and start making my videos  on you-tube :). so  today  has been spent cooking cleaning and you-tubing i have allot of subscriptions and  i rarely actually look at them so i felt the need to actually watch them then i searched for some VEGAN  youtube channels  that i can support.
 i found this specific video  posting that actually made me subscribe to her channel because it was informative and it looks like she obviously did allot of work on it. so here you go.

This video is for all the vegans out there starting out and old  if you wanted  to know about products that aren't vegan and ones that are well here ya go i shall actually be doing my own vid once I'm finished with my own research its just going to be one huge haul thing so yea lots of planning.

well so my Sunday started off like this.
I know , I know this is not the everyday breakfast but it was eleven o clock after all so we shall call it brunch.
i took my moms beans and had black bean soup (My Fave) and a hero and cup up half of the hero  and left a bit of it together and made a small left over tofurkey seitan sandwich.   inside the sandwich was my Ecuadorian salad sauce.
Not only does the sauce  add color to the sandwich but it also adds a ZING to it. 

So as the day went on i got to thinking about my babe  and how when i finally get to see him this week i  need to have something for him to eat. Especially since we did not get to spend Thanks Giving with each other. So i decided to make. ...........WAIT FOR IT .......... (dan dan duuuuuuunnnnn) 
you get some garlic and put some cumin, adobo . Sazon , and a tad of ground Oregano.  And smash away !
(in case you are wondering  i don't have measurements because this is more of a  as much as you like also depends on how many  empanadas you are making. )

When your done mashing up the garlic with all the dry ingredients.  Take a frying pan  and put the mashed up garlic and some of the chopped garlic and onions  with some olive oil and stri fry that a little bit.  Once  it is a little bit like a liquid mixture place your meat substitute and  mix together.  
so i have made this before and i used light life (ground beef) . But the ground beef i left at home went bad so that was out of the question. So i decided to use seitan  i took the cubes and cut them up into almost small ground beef like structures. I put this in the pan and mixed together. then i transferred to it  a small  sauce pan and  put some tomatoe paste , white cooking wine, and red wine vinegar.  at the end your mixture and sauce should look some what like this. 

Then you take some of these :
you can get these at your local supermarket i got mine from Pathmark.  These are just some Empanada Pastry plates. they say it on the packaging. 
 You place  some of the meat sauce (its what i call it )  into the middle of the pastry packet thing and fold it over like  this. 
when  you fold it over you press it down so that it actually makes a pocket for the meat.  then the little wedges on the outside take a fork and press onto the sides of it  like this:
Then you take that and  and fry it  till its nice and brown. 

Then let it cool and Enjoy. 

Hope you have enjoyed this  
Happy Blogging

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