Friday, November 26, 2010

My First Vegan's Giving

Hello everyone, I'm sure you are all stuffed from yesterday.So my first Thanks Giving as a vegan was a success i managed to have allot more to eat than i expected. First off i would just like to say that i hope everyone had a happy thanks giving and i shall be telling this post in pictures.
Happy Thanks Giving hope you had a great one with family and friends. 

So our mini school vacation started out with me trying to figure out what i'm going to cook for Thanks Giving my mom said that she would have several sides that i could eat but that the faux turkey i would basically have to conjure up myself . We took a trip to whole foods where i found what was going to be my cruelty free turkey. 
Ive heard that the Tofurkey roast is really good so i got it. the rest of the groceries are some necessities to make green juice. (I have been dying to make green juice)

when we got home i followed the directions on the Tofurkey that said to take it out to thaw. But i also wanted to have something to eat so i had some of Amy's Tamale and Mexican rice (vegan) it was so good. 

I actually want to make this tamale myself because I never liked tamales (don't tell me mother i will deny it to the death ) but i picked it out because i thought maybe it would be better and it was. 

Yesterday began the cooking  hours and hours of cooking. Here comes the parade of picture showing you how our Thanks Giving went . 
my moms yams i will make this at some point. 
Our dinner table  we had rice, beans, salad, green bean salad, yams, cranberry sauce, spinach pie, vegi lasagna, tofurkey, Ecuadorian salad, and the turkey itself. My tofurkey is the one by the chair in the little casserole dish . 
most of the desserts in my family are usually centered around my mothers flan.If you follow me on Twitter you know that my mom made about seven different flans one for every family member and friend that requested one. her last one was made for our dinner but prior to this me and m brother were lugging around flans all over my town. 
This was the Amy's cake that came in the Tofurkey holiday feat package. My brother loved the cake he gobbled it up  he barley wanted to share with me and rosie. I'm not a huge fan of Chocolate but this cake was very good  I wish I would have gotten another piece of it but i allowed my brother to take a little left over that was left of the cake. 
Do you have a twitter ? if so this is my bestie rosey  also known as Rosie21 on twitter she also has a BLOG. that you can check out. 

Me , my brother Mark , & Rosie

They were caught off guard. 
Mom, Me, Brother,&Dad <3 La Famila Valladares 

Although the Thanks Giving was success full  not allot of m family members wanted to try my vegan foods. I was a bit disappointed that my Tofuerkey was judge over and over again because it was not the real bird but i though it tasted amazing and I'm glad i used my mothers home made baste instead of the one on the package because it smelled like past thanks giving s. I realize me being vegan in a Latin family is still an idea they have to get use to but for now I'm just going to grin quietly at the fact that the had some of the Tofurkey gravy and a bit of the cake.  I will slowly sneak in my vegan foods  so that my family realizes its just as much filled with flavor as the things they cook are. Baby steps i know but at least its some progress right ?

Hope you all had a Wonderful Thanks Giving and if the rest of you have the weekend off enjoy your shopping sprees. If any vegans want to meet up  in NYC let me know i might possibly be heading to NYC with rosie and my brother for some vegan eating. 

Happy left over eating :) 

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